Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost (@jeaniene_frost, @avonbooks)

OMG! I do not consider myself a book snob and will totally read just about anything that sounds good to me. I was hesitant to read the Night Huntress books simply because I didn’t think they would appeal to me. I can thank my friend Jena for setting me straight and introducing me to the world of Jeaniene Frost!

Any book that starts out with a girl driving around with a dead body in the truck and it doesn’t faze her, has my attention!

Cat is out to hunt vampires. Plain and simple. Having been the byproduct of a rape against her mother by a vampire, you could say that she has revenge on the mind. Cat is not your ordinary girl though. She is a half-breed and with that status comes some of the same “perks” of being a vampire. Cat finds that the easiest way to hunt vampires is to work the bar scene. Pretending to be drunk, she lures them out and stakes them down. It seems to work for her until she meets a vampire that turns her down flat. Seems strange to her but she moves on to another and succeeds. Returning to the bar the next night she is approached by the vampire that turned her down and thinks she will strike gold twice in a row. She was wrong and winds up chained in a cave.

Bones is an old and very strong vampire who is also a hunter. After he follows the girl that hit on him and watches her stake one of his kind that he happened to be tracking, he follows her home and watches her nonchalantly destroy and bury the other vampire. Knowing that this was his only real lead in a long time to his prey, he knows that she has something to do with the man he is chasing.

When Cat wakes and realizes that she is chained in a basement by a vampire, she knows the end has come. Bones realizes that the girl is just a hunter until he sees the vampiric glow of her eyes. This girl is something rare and different. Bones sees an opportunity to train her and use her as bait to get to the big fish he is trying to reel in. Cat agrees since she is willing to work with a vampire to kill more of them.

You need to check out this series of books and enter the world of Jeaniene Frost. She is able to sink her teeth into you and draw you into her world. Check out Puretextuality’s Author Interview with Jeaniene HERE.

While you are at it check out the rest of the amazing blog setup over at Puretextuality. I think you will all find something you will enjoy on the site and make sure you tell them that Romancebookworm sent you!

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