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Bad Blood

By Ginny Lurcock

Urban Fantasy/Mature YA

Release Date:  February 5, 2013


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Book Synopsis

High school senior Victoria “Tori” Reeve has it pretty good. She’s rich, she’s smart, and she’s popular. What more could a girl ask for? Sure, she’s a little lonely, what with being single and her best friend going off to college and all, but she’s got her work at the Spaulding Crisis Center to keep her busy. When she gets a new boss in the very easy on the eyes form of Isaac Larsen, suddenly her volunteer work feels a lot less like work. Even if he does seem to cause Tori to break out into spontaneous fits of foot in mouth disease. Somehow in spite of her blunderitis, Isaac still seems to be interested in her in a more-than-employer or even more-than-friends kind of way.

So really she should have known that things would go sideways.

Trouble comes to Spaulding, and that trouble seems to be centered on Tori and the Crisis Center. Is she really the focus? Or does this all have to do with the new mysterious man in her life? In her efforts to find out, Tori stumbles across some secrets. Skeletons that might have been better off left in the closet. As it turns out, Spaulding is a hot spot for bad blood…

I am in love with this book!!  Tori is one of those characters that you bond with at the beginning of the story and feel like you can reach in the book and shake some sense into her.  Isaac is an interesting character and I could not really get a read on him.  He just rubbed me the wrong way.  I don’t like possessive guys and he was just a tool.  Now, Drew on the other hand…

I have a weakness for guys like him and there were so many times I wanted to scream at Tori!!!  This was a new take on a vampire story and let me tell you that Ginny nailed it with this one!  SPOILER ALERT!

When it comes out that the MAIN reason that Isaac is into Tori is that she is a rare breed of human that can have a child with a vampire, I was going crazy! I knew there was something that I was missing! Drew is the perfect best friend and I can see a whole lot of growth in this relationship. I do think that Tori has her hands full with finding new friends since…you need to read the story for that part. Let’s just say keep your friends close and your enemies even closer.

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About the Author (taken from the back of Bad Blood)
I am so bad at these, that it causes me physical pain. No wait, that was a splinter… Never mind.

Ginny Lurcock lives in New Hampshire with her husband whom she adores, her daughter, whom she also adores, and their cat. Who she likes alright.

Oh, and her father, his two cats, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend.

When not writing she enjoys playing games (of the board and video variety) or reading to the point of obsession (she’s not an addict, she can quit whenever she wants), watching intelligent television, mindless television, sports, movies and listening to music.

Basically, she likes all the things.


And somehow she still manages to find the time to be bored.

She also breaks the seal.

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