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Axel reached out and touched the soft flesh of the woman. He’d been given the gift of a hellion with the face of an angel. Her cheek fit perfectly in his palm as he cupped her face. Her eyes flickered in response, shifting from a playful, yellow glow to a deep, primal, amber hue. He drew his finger down her shoulder and observed the heated silk of her skin.

HOT!!  I have become a lifelong fan of Jaye Shields.  Claiming of a Sex Demon was a different kind of book for me and it drew me in and left me hungry for more.  Confessions of a Sex Demon was able to quinch my hunger but left me with a problem.  I have become a junkie and the only thing that is going to satisfy me now is…ADDICTIONS OF A SEX DEMON!!

This book was all that I expected from Jaye and more!!  Sephina will always hold a special place for me simply because I connected with her.  I understand the depths of her despair and the darkness she struggles to keep at bay.  Axel is one of those amazing men that comes along when we are at our lowest and makes us realize that there is a person that sees the real us, and loves us because of it.  The description that Jaye uses when talking about Axel’s demon race, is descriptive enough that I can see his wings exploding with vibrancy and smoke! 🙂  I also love that she brought Zahra and Lennox into Axel’s world.  I have a crush on Lennox, but Axel; well, that’s one man that makes me burn!

There are always books that will hold a special place in my heart.  Jaye’s books fit that category.

I am honored to have been asked to take part in Jaye’s Blog tour and even more excited to be able to introduce Jaye as my VERY FIRST AUTHOR INTERVIEW!! 

Jaye Author Pic

BRANDY FROM ROMANCEBOOKWORM’S REVIEWSFirst of all I want to say thank you for being here, Jaye.  How excited are you right now for the release of your newest book, Addictions of a Sex Demon?

JAYE SHIELDSYou have no idea how excited I am. I’ve been waiting for Addictions of a Sex Demon to come out since forever. Ever since I wrote Confessions of a Sex Demon, I’ve been dying to tell Sephina’s story. I felt like I should write Claiming of a Sex Demon first though because it was a bit of a prequel and I thought Lennox’s back story might be interesting. Addictions of a Sex Demon written, edited by my fabulous editor, was ready to go quite some time ago, but we had to wait for my other releases first, lol, so the wait has been agonizing because this third book is my favorite! I adore Sephina. I think she’s tortured, she has problems, but she wants to overcome them. And well, she cracks me up. She kind of reminds me a bit of Sparrow from my book, Secrets of the Sky (from my Immortals in Alameda trilogy) because they both have a great sense of humor. Actually, I love them so much that I wrote a fanfiction of characters from my books hanging out at a demon karaoke bar together. Sparrow and Sephina were a crack-up. When they co-mingle, mischief abounds.

BRANDYNow I have to hunt down your fanfic because I can just imagine them together!  I saw on your website that you were a bass player in a grunge band.  Do you still play or have you left your grunge days behind?

JAYEThe guitarist contacts me every once and ever so often, and its possible that some day we could do a reunion show, but I live so far away (in another state now) its just not possible. I still love music now though and I play my guitar a lot and write love songs (or breakup songs) about the men in my life. I suck at singing though. When I was in the Hymens I was supposed to do joint vocals on a cover of Imagine, but I chickened out with the time came lol. Playing bass in front of a bunch of people is one thing, singing is another altogether. Especially when you suck. Like I do 😉 I love poetry though and making music so I do it anyway.

BRANDYI love to sing but can just imagine what I sound like!   I have to ask, did you sign autographs as Britney Spears in Tokyo or did you correct the mistake?

JAYE:  I offer proof via photo evidence of just how shameless I am. I didn’t correct him, and even if I did, he wouldn’t have understood because he didn’t speak English. In my own defense, I did sign my real name, not Britney Spears lol. I don’t even look like Britney Spears (or anyone famous) so I think it was just because I was in the middle of nowhere in Japan and I was tall and blonde. After he left on his little bike he came pedaling back to offer me his juice box. It was so cute. I love Japan.

jaye in tokyo

BRANDYThat is too funny!  He is a cute little guy though!  I love unusual storylines and yours is definitely that.  Why did you choose to write about sex demons?

JAYEUm….I plead the fifth? Tee-hee *Enter mischievous grin here* Well, what happened was that I had written my Immortals in Alameda trilogy (sensual romance) and I couldn’t get any agents or editors to even read a page of it. My critique partner mentioned that my love scenes were pretty hot and I should try to write an erotic romance since that genre was taking off. I was walking to a coffee shop to write such a story and I wanted to think of a title that would draw people in. Confessions of a Sex Demon slammed into me about a block after I left my tiny studio apartment. By the time I reached the coffee shop I had the whole story planned out. Sex Demons that need climax to survive. Hot, semi-psychotic blacksmith, Sex fiend/closet romantic succubus. It was so fun to write and it ended up in my very first contract offers a week after I submitted it. I went from not being able to get anyone to even read a page of what I’d written, to getting to choose between dif publishers.

BRANDYI am in love with the your demons and have to admit they are hot!  Do you have any designs to expand the Sex Demon Trilogy? 

JAYEOh yes. Pretty much anytime I write a character, even if they only have one line, I get obsessed with the idea of telling their story. I would love to write a whole spinoff of sex demon stories about the going ons of the whorehouse that Seph ends up owning. But that won’t happen any time soon because I already have a list of stories that I need to finish before that. Right now I’m 50k into my very first contemporary so I’m dying to finish that because I think people will really enjoy it.

BRANDYA contemporary?  Oh, yeah!  I know that there are a lot of authors that base their characters off themselves.  Do you feel that your characters represent some of your own traits?

JAYEDefinitely. Actually, when people I know read these books, no matter what character it is, they see bits of me in the characters. At first, it really freaked out some of my fam members. Every character represents a different aspect of my personality I think.

BRANDYI can imagine what they thought when they read the Sex Demons!!  Being an author is not an easy task and you do it well.  How did you get started in writing?

JAYEI’ve been writing as long as I can remember. My mom and dad often pull out books that I’d written when I was in elementary school. My mom just showed me one recently from second grade and I was already dedicating books to her. As I got older (middle school) I wrote novel-length fan fiction (prepare yourself for my geek moment) for Lord of the Rings. When I was in high school I focused mostly on poetry and song writing. My first two years of college, I started a bunch of stories, I’d get about 30k into them, and get distracted onto a different story idea, and leave the prior tale unfinished. It was my junior year when I finally said, no more story switching. You’re going to finish one, damn it! And I did J And then I wrote the next two in the trilogy. These became the stories in my Immortals in Alameda trilogy from Crimson Romance.

BRANDYI am a book and author junkie, so I have to ask, do you have a favorite author?

JAYEI love Kresley Cole. She’s a no-fail for me. A lot of my other favorite authors have been more touch and go for me. I used to love JR Ward, but I’m less obsessed lately. Same for me with Sherrylon Kenyon and Gena Showalter. Lately I’ve been mostly reading my talented indie-author peers. It’s refreshing to discover new authors and read words and plots that catch you by surprise.

BRANDYI know what you mean.  My no-fails are Lynsay Sands and Julia Quinn.  I am discovering a lot of indie-authors and love them too!  Can you tell us three interesting things about yourself that might not be common knowledge?

JAYE1.)  I have a cat named Nyx (after one of my favorite Kresley Cole characters) 2.)  I just recently fell in love. He went out of his way to bring me some cake before we’d ever gone out. Then when we did go out, he took some pictures of me (he’s a photographer) and after I saw the pictures, I realized just how he looked at me. I’d never felt so beautiful, or so understood. I realized then that we were soulmates.  3.)  On a less sexy and romantic note…I love fishing and I’ve caught a fish nearly as big as me. The same day I also caught a squid and it sprayed black ink all over the boat. Ew.

BRANDYThat is disgusting but I grew up on the beach so I know how those things go!  What are the BEST things about being a published author?

JAYE Realizing your dream has come true and knowing you can do anything you put your mind to. Being able to touch or entertain people with your words and characters.

BRANDYI think you just described the reason I got into writing!  What are the worst things about being a published author?

JAYEBeing open to scrutiny. I haven’t gotten any bad reviews yet, but I know they’ll come as my audience widens.

BRANDYThat has got to be the hardest part.  Knowing someone didn’t like something that is essentially part of you.  Any advice that you would like to share with aspiring authors?

JAYEDon’t give up. Keep writing. Do whatever makes you happy, and always do it for that reason. Don’t write to be published, because it could be a while. Don’t do it to make money because you probably wont. Do it because you love getting lost in characters, worlds, words.

BRANDYThank you so much for taking the time to do this!  I am so excited to have you as my very first Author Interview and I am looking forward to more incredible stories!

JAYE:  Thank you so much, Brandy. It was a super fun interview and I hope I haven’t talked WAY too much. You can tell I’m a writer because I talk far too much, lol. I’m so glad that you enjoyed the Sex Demon trilogy because I had a blast writing it!



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  1. Thanks for letting me crash your blog today and I am honored and humbled by such a killer review of Addictions of a Sex Demon! What a fun interview, hope your readers have learned a little bit about me.


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