In public, hotshot communications specialist Lisa Archer presents a perfectly polished image. Privately, she harbors a secret desire to shed her restrained exterior—and her business suit—to explore the world of discipline and domination.

She can’t risk being seen in a BDSM club, but when she’s introduced to the most sought-after Dom in Paris, his powerful presence makes her feel like she’s treading on safe ground. Even better, he has no interest in falling in love, which fits right in with her three-month break between contracts.

Bored with the club scene, Olivier favors private arrangements with one sub at a time. This keeps anyone from getting too close to emotional scars that run so deep he’s lost the will to paint—or to love. A temporary liaison, staying well within his boundaries while pushing hers, suits him perfectly.

Lisa’s first visit to Olivier’s apartment is deliciously shocking. Yet as they begin to strip away the layers guarding their souls, the pain and the pleasure could be too much to keep things strictly business…


Warning: Contains a smart, sassy heroine who thinks she’s in control—and a gorgeous French Dom who knows he is. Lots of gettin’ naked, in private and in public. A bit of voyeurism, a bit more spanking, and more hot sex than you can shake a riding crop at.

Review by Brandy

This was a very good read.  Lisa is wanting to explore more than just her everyday existence.  She is a woman that believes she has control over her life and at the same time longs for just a little more excitement in it.  Olivier is just the man to show her what real control is.  

BDSM has become something that a lot of people want to explore but fail to realize that trust and control are needed for it to be enjoyable.  Both Lisa and Olivier have been burned in relationships and they both are hesitant to start over again.   The sex is passionate and written in a way that leaves you longing for a Dom of your own. 

This is the second book in the series and my first by this author.  She will be on my TBR list from this point on.

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