Private eye by day. Alpha by nature.

All her life, Kensi has dreamed of being an alpha werewolf. The trouble is, she can’t shift. And she’s tried everything: meditation, mind-expanding drugs, even squeezing real hard. Despite her lack of success, she’s not giving up. Her plan B? Offering her talents as a private eye to the Wild Pack. If she can locate their missing werewolf, they’re bound to support her claim to lead.

Dominant, stubborn and searing hot Drake is assigned to be her guide, and he’s just too damn good at his job. His hard chest bumps into her as he stalks her every move, while his mercury eyes watch her all the time, tearing down her defenses bit by bit. Maybe she got it wrong and being an alpha isn’t the only thing she wants.

But when the missing girl turns up dead, Drake’s story unravels. Putting her ambitions on the line, Kensi sets out to prove whether the man she loves is as innocent as she hopes—or as guilty as she fears.



About the Book

Moon Promise
by Carmex Fox

The Wild Pack Book One
*Each installment is a standalone HEA with no cliffhanger.

Urban Fantasy
Paranormal Romance

Smart Heart Publishing

Publication Date
June 5, 2018

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About Carmen Fox

USA Today Bestselling Author CARMEN FOX lives in the south of England with her beloved tea maker and a stuffed sheep called Fergus. She writes about smart women with sassitude and guys with an edge, and will chase that plot twist, no matter how elusive.

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Title: Sweet Southern Bad Boy

Series: Harmony Homecomings, #3

Author: Michele Summers

Pub Date: December 6, 2016

ISBN: 9781402293610



 When Katie McKnight gets lost location-scouting for her father’s TV studio, she stumbles upon the perfect setting for their angsty new teen vampire series—a remote barn house unfortunately occupied by a grouchy, disheveled, and incredibly sexy man who instantly mistakes her for the new nanny. Should Katie tell him the truth, or get her foot in the door?


Bestselling author Vance Kerner doesn’t just have writer’s block—he’s been run ragged ever since he was saddled with taking care of his brother’s three kids, an adopted kitten, and a runaway mutt. The last thing he needs is a teen drama defiling his property, but with fascinating and unconventional Katie underfoot charming the entire Kerner household, Vance is finding it harder and harder to say no.


MICHELE SUMMERS writes about small-town life with a Southern flair, and has her own interior design business in Raleigh, North Carolina, and Miami, Florida. Both professions feed her creative appetite and provide a daily dose of humor.




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These are a few of my favorite things…about watching TV:

  1. Watching TV is a huge luxury for me. Let me rephrase…sitting in front of the TV with my feet propped up on the coffee table or ottoman is a huge luxury and one that I don’t indulge in nearly enough. My days are a whirlwind of working, cleaning, cooking, carpooling and writing. So those rare moments when I relax back and watch TV are truly cherished. And when it happens, I’m all about vegging and mindless entertainment. I don’t want to remember too many facts, or learn to build a ship or fly a F-16. I want to laugh a lot and maybe wipe my eyes from a few heartfelt tears.
  1. Favorite shows: sitcoms, comedies, reality TV top the list. Anyone who knows me can attest to my obsession with Project Runway. The house could be on fire and I will not budge from my seat if PR is on. My family knows to either vacate the premises or zip their lips, because I will not tolerate any interruptions during my favorite show. My kids got me hooked on The Goldberg’s, laugh-out-loud sitcom depicting the outlandish 80’s that I remember only too clearly. And then there’s Shark Tank where I’m always yelling, “Take the deal, for the love of God!” But those entrepreneurs never listen to me and still seem to come out on top.
  1. When I really want the feels, I love to watch old movies and musicals. Please, no eye rolling or snorting, because I’m a huge fan of singing and dancing. Huge. I probably have most songs memorized from all the classic musicals like Oklahoma!, Hello Dolly, My Fair Lady, The Sound of Music, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, Funny Girl, Chorus Line, The Music Man, Fiddler on the Roof, Cats, South Pacific, A Little Night Music…okay, I’ll stop before your eyes glaze over, but you catch my drift. I was watching movies and musicals long before I could read and they’ve had a profound impact on me. My love for romance first stemmed from musicals. Happily ever after is performed right before your eyes with violins, choreography, and a rich baritone voice that will melt your heart. (swoon) What’s not to love? I always get that bubbly, happy feeling from the perfect costumes, pristine scenery, amazing choreography…and that first kiss. When I write, I’m always aiming for that musical crescendo in the end. I want the surrey with the fringe on top, or people who need people, at the very least some enchanted evening. That emotional high that makes you want to burst into song!
  1. Watching TV feeds my creative juices. My favorite movies I’ve probably watched ten or twenty times and have committed the dialogue to memory. So then I’ll watch to study the movements and non-verbal communication. This works even better with the sound turned off. You can sense the stress, happiness, anger, or boredom just by watching the actors’ expressions and how they move, or even better, how they don’t I find it interesting and enlightening and also helpful when describing emotions using non-verbal communication on paper. I’m forever searching for new nuances in hopes that I can incorporate them in my writing.

What are your favorite things about watching TV? Inquiring minds want to know!


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