When the Duke Found Love by Isabella Bradford

When the Duke Found Love (Wylder Sisters, #3)When the Duke Found Love by Isabella Bradford
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

I received an ARC of this book to review and I have to admit I was a little bit disappointed. The two main characters Lady Diana Wylder and the Duke of Sheffield seem more like immature children then responible adults. Lady Diana has had a few indescretions and is now being told that she has to make a respectable marriage. Her mother produces Lord Crump, who seems to be a stodgy man with rigid discipline and strong morals. Lady Diana is turned off immediately because he is not a handsome man and seems cold. While in the park she meets Sheffield but at the time they do not exchange names. Lady Diana is enthralled by him because of his looks and personality.

Sheffield is told that the King is mad at him for his liasons in Paris with a married woman and he has to marry a respectable woman. He is introduced to Lady Enid and discovers that she is in love with a simple tutor. They concoct the scheme to pretend to be engaged and Lady Enid will elope with her true intended at the end of the season. Lady Diana in a fit of temper accepts Lord Crumps marriage offer without realizing the falseness of Sheffield’s engagement. She ends up playing “chaperone” with Lady Enid and Sheffield, which allows him to get closer to Lady Diana since their trips are excuses so Lady Enid can see her lover.

Sheffield and Lady Diana end up running away and eloping together. I just felt like I was reading about spoiled children the entire book and was left disappointed.

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The Importance of Being Wicked by Miranda Neville

This was an ARC that I received for review. I am a fan of Miranda Neville’s books and this one did not disappoint. Caro Townsend is a widow who shocked the ton by running away at the age of seventeen and marrying a bad boy. Now that her husband is dead and left her almost penniless she is struggling to find her place. She brings her cousin, Anna, who is an heiress to love with her. That is how she meets Thomas Fitzcharles, Duke of Castleton. Thomas pays a call on the ladies because he is searching for a wealthy heiress and Anna fits the bill. What he doesn’t expect to find is the beautiful and passionate Caro. Where Caro is exciting and loving, Thomas is conservative and ducal. It’s amazing to see Thomas fall under her spell and grow as a man.

This is a beautifully written story that involves amazing artists, beautiful hearts, crazy friends and love. I give it 4.5 stars and recommend it to all.

How to Deceive a Duke by Lecia Cornwall

I have to admit that I wasn’t sure if I was going to enjoy this book or not. The idea that one bride can be substituted for another kind of left a funny taste in my mouth but I have to admit that this one actually made it seem real.

Meg has been the strong sister in the family since her father’s death and has kept the family out of debtors prison. When the Duchess of Temberlay, asks her sister, Rose to marry her grandson Nicholas, the current Duke, she sees this as the answer to her prayers. Rose is not thrilled at the prospect of marrying the Devil Duke and elopes prior to the wedding. This puts Meg in the awkward position of marrying in her sister’s place. Since the groom had never met the bride or even knew her name, this worked at first. Turns out this was in the Duchess’s plans and Meg’s name was included in all the marital documents.

Lies and distrust do not a marriage make and Nicholas and Meg share a lot of lies between them. When Nicholas leaves to return to war they both realize theirs is a love for the ages.

This is a really good story and I recommend it to all.

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Seduced by a Pirate by Eloisa James

I really enjoyed Phoebe and Griffin’s story. There is just something about a pirate that says yummy. This is a novella that flows with or without the addition of The Ugly Duchess.

Griffin was 17 when he married the lovely and older Phoebe and with having some, let’s say difficulty, on his wedding night he jumped through the window and went to get drunk. He was pressed to join a ship and woke up in the middle of the ocean. He proceeded to begin the life of a pirate later to become a privateer. Fast forward 14 years and he has now been injured and realizes that he wants to go home to the wife he left behind.

When he left his wife, she was a virgin, when he comes home it is to find three children waiting for him. Griffin takes things in stride and realizes that he made a mistake leaving his wife unsatisfied all those years ago and vows to fix that as soon as possible.

An Eloisa James novel is always a good choice to read and this is no exception. The taming of a rake or in this instance, a pirate, is always a great story.

The Ugly Duchess by Eloisa James

What an amazing book! I am never disappointed when I pick up one of Eloisa’s books. Theo is one of those characters that you can not help but to relate to. How many times have we looked out ourselves and made comparisons to the Ugly Duckling? Most romance novels have the perfect English rose type girl and I love how she has stepped out of that mold and made someone realistic. James is a man that sees beyond what lies on the surface and appreciates Theo for the beauty that she holds within. Even though their marriage does not start out as it should and a lot of conflict, hurt and pain follows, love will rule out in the end. I love these two amazing people and hope that she includes them in stories to come!

Tempted by His Kiss by Tracy Anne Warren

The Byrons are my kind of family! Lord Cade Byron is hibernating on his country estate licking wounds that were brought on by torture and betrayal. Miss Meg Amberley takes refuge at his estate during a snowstorm. When she is discovered by a neighbor Lord Cade declares she is his fiancee and tells her he will take her to London for a season. He proceeds to take her to his family and they warmly embrace her as the newest Byron. Meg tries to use the season to discover love but finds it in her fiancee, Lord Cade. They become lovers and Lord Cade makes a connection between a would be suitor of Meg’s and the English traitor that tortured him. Mayhem ensues since this particular lady doesn’t know when she should ask for help. Love will win out in the end though.

All in all a great story and I am interested in more of the Byrons.

Lord of Temptation by Lorraine Heath

This is the second in the Lost Lords trilogy and I have to admit that it was a good book. Lady Anne Hayworth hires the infamous Crimson Jack, aka Lord Tristan Easton to carry her on a ship to say goodbye to her fiancee. Love and romance blossom on the trip but Lord Tristan has no desire to take up his place in society where he feels unwelcome.

As much as I enjoyed the book I do have to wonder at the fact that she was able to sneak out as much as she did and to head off to ports unknown with no one the wiser. Her father and brothers had to know where she was going since she had been in mourning for two years. I am surprised they didn’t try to intercept on the way home or had someone on the docks looking for her.

I am anxious to see how this story wraps up with Rafe and to see if we can get some brotherly bonding.

When Beauty Tamed a Beast by Eloisa James

It is no secret that I am an Eloisa James fan. Her books are incredible, vibrant and passionate. I love it. I am addicted to series books but enjoy a good standalone. When Beauty tamed a Beast was perfect. Now, I am not a House fan but after reading about Piers Yelverton, Earl of Marchant, I could see the appeal. Piers is adamant that he will not marry and no one is going to change his mind. Our heroine is Linnet Thynne and she is a beautiful woman that comes into Piers’ life and brings chaos, trouble and love. Does it get much better than that? If you enjoy the story of Beauty and the Beast you will fall in love with these characters.http://www.amazon.com/Beauty-Tamed-Beast-Eloisa-James/dp/0062021273