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A Letter From Brandy Dorsch

Welcome to the site! I hope that you can find everything you are looking for. This site is a two for one so you get the reviews from Romancebookworm’s Reviews, the writing of Brandy Dorsch and anything else that tickles my fancy. 🙂

Feel free to look around, make some comments and enjoy!


My name is Brandy and I am the nut behind this blog! I am a passionate reader that has a bit of OCD with it!! I am open to comments, questions, requests or anything else that you guys want to send me! I am happily married to my husband, William for the last fifteen years. We are parents to two boys, Liam and Xander. I am an Avon Alum with Avon Books but I welcome all books, publishers and authors!

I decided that I needed to tell you guys a little bit more about myself. I am a current student at North Dakota State University and I work fulltime at a local hospital.  I am currently working toward a degree in Psychology with a emphasis in addiction counseling.

Keep in mind these are my opinions but feel free to post your own thoughts or recommendations! I enjoy historical, paranormal, and erotic romances but I am open to just about anything. Take a look around and feel free to let me know of any suggestions you may find to add to my blog.


Cee Cee

Hi, I’m CeeCee and I’m a happily married mother of two.  I love to read and was lucky enough to find this wonderful page, and the wonderful woman behind it!  I read fast, write slow, and sometimes get so stuck on a novel’s brilliance, I freeze!  (Thank God for Victoria and for Brandy’s patience!)  On the other hand, there are times that I just can’t shut up!  I’m not monogamous with my genres, but Historical fiction is my main squeeze.  I’m also not biased as far as publishing is concerned.  From veteran authors to self-published authors, I’ve found gems in unique places, and each day I’m amazed at the creativity unleashed in both big and small packages (novel/novella).  I love this new literary world we live in!

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