New Release & Guest Post! A Midsummer Night’s Dream by Alexa Piper – Includes an Excerpt!

The son of the Lord of Hell, Lark, is engaged to a demon whom he does not love. He escapes hell, his father, and his fiancé. His flight takes him to the human plane, where he finds himself summoned by Chris, former lawyer and current accountant of St. John Investigations.

Chris really just wanted to learn about demonic math when he decided to summon one of the denizens of hell, but confronted with Lark, he decides getting the beautiful demon into his bed is far more appealing than accounting.

But Lark’s escape from hell does not go unnoticed, and soon the Lord of Hell himself arrives in Fairview to take his son back to the altar. Three wicked witches also come to the city looking for a love that was dragged to hell. It might just be one magical desk that holds the key to everyone’s happiness and happily-ever-after.


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About The Christmas Family:

The Greatest Christmas Gift  
Contractor Brady Buchanon can’t wait to surprise single mom Abby Webster with his company’s Christmas home makeover prize. But once he does, the struggling waitress turns him down flat! Raised in foster care, Abby won’t accept charity. Yet when her dilapidated porch almost injures her daughter, Abby finally agrees to Brady’s offer. As the hardworking bachelor pushes to finish the house in time for Christmas, he starts falling for Abby and her little girl. With the holidays in sight, Brady wonders if Abby will not only accept her beautiful new home, but also his wish to make her his wife…
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Linda Goodnight’s Five Easy, Creative Ways to Give Money
Money and gift cards are popular gift choices for teens or older kids and, no doubt about it, they love them. Plus, they’re easy to give. But simply handing over cash or a card doesn’t feel “special” enough to me. So, every year I look for clever ways to give money or gift cards to the older kids on my list. Here are five I’ve used with good success:

1. Snow Globe Money. One year while out shopping, I found an inexpensive snow globe with a photo insert slot. Instead of the photo, I inserted a folded twenty-dollar bill. Globes are also available in various prices, sizes and shapes online such as these:
2. Framed! Purchase a picture frame of any size or price range. Depending on the child’s special interests, you might even choose a frame in his favorite color, decorated with sports emblems such as my red-and-white Oklahoma Sooners football frame, dance shoes, animals, special messages or whatever. Remove the back from the frame and insert the money or gift card, followed by a picture, a piece of shiny gift wrap or the printed background of your choice. You crafty folks will make origami or something creative with the bills. I just get them in there! Replace the back. Wrap or bag.
3. Tissue Box Money. This one works best for an older child with a sense of humor. My thirteen-year-old granddaughter loved it. Tape dollar bills end to end with a dab of tape. (You want to be able to remove the tape without tearing the money.) Roll the taped bills into a tube shape and insert into an empty Kleenex box leaving the edge of one bill poking out. Wrap or gift bag the box. The child will have fun pulling out the endless roll of “tissue” money.
4. Buy a Wallet. Or a cell phone holster, suitable to the recipient’s age and in whatever price range you want. This works especially well for those hard-to-buy-for teenage boys. Insert the gift card or money into the wallet and gift wrap.

5. Christmas Ornament Cash. Purchase a large, hollow transparent or clear globe ornament. Remove the top and fill the inside with bills of any denomination. Optionally, stuff in colored garland or tinsel along with a single bill. Write the person’s name on the ornament, and leave blank or decorate however you wish. Replace the top, add a hook hanger, wrap in tissue paper, box and gift wrap.
There you have them. Five easy ways to make money gifts extra special.
Christmas is just around the corner, and I am always in the market for new, easy ideas for gifting money or cards. Anyone have some to share?
Happy holidays,
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