The Accidental Vampire (An Argeneau Novel) by Lynsay Sands (@LynsaySands, @avonbooks)

Welcome to the world of Port Henry! I am a huge Lynsay Sands fan and am seriously addicted to the Argeneau family. Elvi Black is the quentiessential newbie vamp. Having no idea how she was turned into a vampire on a vacation to Mexico with her best friend, Mabel, she has been trying to make the best out of a bad situation. Having watched the movie, Dracula, and becoming vampire experts, they are convinced they have Elvi’s new life figured out. They made arrangements for a coffin, Elvi sleeps during the day and takes the rules of the movie seriously. Fast forward five years and the entire town is working hard to help Elvi. Everyone donates to the local blood bank and they do everything they can for her. In return, Elvi attends all the town functions, bake sales and “performs” as the local town vampire at her restaurant, Bella Black’s.

Mabel and Teddy, the town sheriff, have taken it upon themselves to place a personal ad in the Toronto singles columns to find a mate for Elvi. They don’t want her to spend eternity alone. According to the laws of vampires, this is a big no-no and they send in Victor Argeneau, a vampire enforcer, to take stock of the rogue(Elvi) and report to the council.

Chaos ensues when several vampires that Victor knows shows up in response to the ad and it becomes obvious that someone is out to end Elvi’s immortal life. Between discovering his lifemate and trying to save her from the trouble she keeps running into, Victor has his hands full! I really enjoy the cast of characters in Port Henry and their obvious love and respect for Elvi.

Rate 5 stars

The Lady is a Vamp by Lynsay Sands (@LynsaySands, @avonbooks)

I have yet to find a book that I didn’t like by Lynsay Sands and The Lady is a Vamp did not disappoint. I have been looking forward to Jeanne Louise’s story for awhile now and I was unsure of how it would play out with Paul. I have to admit I fell in love with Livy. With a recent cancer diagnosis in my own family, this hit hard and left me amazed by the strength in this little girl. All of the Argeneau stories are amazingly well written, but this one carried a depth to it that really touched me. I laughed over the antics of the characters and I cried over the heartfelt agony that Bricker, Jeanne Louise, and Paul were all feeling. It is a wonderful story that stands true to the heart of the incredible vampire story that Lynsay has created.