Undercover Submissive by Michelle Hughes

As a fan of Tears of Crimson and 10 nights I decided I wanted to read more by Michelle Hughes. This book had a great plot line. I love the fact that there was an actual story not just sex scenes.

Cayce and Cait are twin sisters who are abused by their stepfather. As happens a lot with abuse victims one sister went into a protective shell thinking she is worthless, and the other went searching for love and acceptance in the bed of every man she could find. When Cait goes missing, the police chalk it up to another stripper case and don’t really bother to look. Cayce knows that this is different and her sister would have said something first. Searching through her sister’s things, Cayce discovers a journal filled with BDSM and a business card to billionaire Dylan St. Clair.

This leads Cayce to discover the power she holds and to release the pain she has felt since the abuse. Along the way a good story unfolds while searching for Cait and love blooms.

My only complaint would be the fact that the writing needs to be redone for spelling and grammar issues. They were a little distracting to me simply because they catch my eye when I am reading. Thanks, Michelle for another good story.

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