Loving Control (Club Rio Brava, Book One) by Ann Jacobs

Elijah “Eli” Calhoun is a top-notch trauma surgeon who also happens to be a practicing Dom. Margaret “Maggie” Berman is a third year resident studying under Eli and is a submissive. A past Master has turned Maggie off of new D/s relationships but she is wildly attracted to Eli. She is afraid to be too direct because she wants a man to know what she needs and make her submit. Sensing that Eli just might be what she has been searching for she makes a move. She wants a true Dom in bed with her and is surprised when it turns out that Eli is just the man she has been needing. He is everything she wants in a Dom and he is so enthralled that Maggie is the perfect submissive that he proceeds quickly with claiming her as his.

This is a quick read and a good book. I would recommend this to those who are interested in wading into the BDSM world but not ready to go stock their own dungeon.

Rate 4 Stars

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