Let’s Get This Blog Hop Started!! (@avonbooks, #avonaddicts)

What can you say when one of your dreams comes true?  I am a dedicated Avon books reader so when I was notified that I was an Avon Addict, I freaked out.  What is an Avon Addict, you ask?

Avon Addicts are specially chosen by the incredible staff at Avon Books.  We are given ARC’s (Advanced Reader Copies), and ebooks to review for new releases by some of the best authors in the business.  We are also given some pretty cool swag that we like to include in giveaways on our blogs.  My sister addicts and I have decided that we want to celebrate the holidays with you in a BIG way.

Everyday visit one of these incredible ladies listed below at their blog.  Enjoy the fabulous reviews that they have posted and register for their contest.  Feel free to bookmark the schedule below and don’t forget to come back and visit me on December 12th when I am giving out a collection of 5 Avon books!

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