The Immortal Hunter by LynsaySands (@Lynsay_Sands)

Oh my goodness! I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much I love the Argeneau family and Lynsay’s series involving them.

The Immortal Hunter is the story of Decker Argeneau. All the man wants is a simple vacation and that is thrown out the door when he is asked to assist in catching a rogue vampire. Since that is his job as a Council Enforcer he is willing to assist. What starts off as a simple capture of a rogue turns into much more when the enforcers realize that a family member that turned rogue fifty years earlier is in the area. Attempting to catch Nicholas Argeneau becomes their new target. Nicholas has been watching a nest of rogue vampires and enlists Decker and Justin in his quest to free the two young women they have taken captive.

Dr. Dani McGill has no idea what is with the crazy men that have kidnapped her or her baby sister, Stephanie. She just knows that she has to keep them alive. When gunfire erupts and her sister is forced away by one of the kidnappers, Dani is convinced things have gone from bad to worse. How do you trust a man you know is lying to you even if he takes a bullet for you?

Finding a lifemate when you least expect it is a blessing and it is one that this Argeneau man is going to fight for even if he has to fight the one he loves.

Rated 4.5 stars

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