The Bite Before Christmas by Lynsay Sands and Jeaniene Frost (@Lynsay_Sands, @jeaniene_frost)

This is a two part book. The first story is by Lynsay Sands (Check out more reviews here!) one that I had been waiting on and was stoked that Teddy has his own story! Teddy Brunswick is the police chief of Port Henry, where several immortals have made their home. While not all the folks know about them, quite a few do and Teddy has had his hands full. With Christmas around the bend and no family, he is tired of going to other people’s homes for Christmas and take Margurite up on the offer of a cottage for the holiday. Who knew a storm would blow in and take out the power.

Katricia Argeneau has reached the point where a lot of immortals go rogue. Having been alone for more centuries then she can count, she wants to get away. When a series of weather related events leaves her at her cousin Decker’s cottage for the holiday, she hopes that it will get better. How much better can it get when you realize that the man you just ran into is the life mate you have been dreaming about for hundreds of years?

Teddy is shocked to discover that he is attracted to the beautiful young woman and is disgusted with himself. Having no intention of being one of those old men that chases younger women, he is hesitant at first with Katricia. When he discovers that they are life mates during a shared dream, his belief in a family of his own is restored.

The second story is a novella from Jeaniene Frost and I have to admit I have not read her stuff. I have read reviews from fellow bloggers and knew that there were a lot of folks that enjoyed her Night Huntress series. I just didn’t know if I would. Let me tell you that I really enjoyed this novella. Even though I was a little lost on the characters, I still got a sense of their relationships and nuances and was intrigued.

Cat and Bones are a vampire couple who are completely in love. During a birthday celebration, a former flame of Bones is brutalized and the hunt is on! Discovering a long lost relative is in the cards and then a whirlwind of demonic mishaps. I don’t want to go into a lot of detail with this story since I think you NEED to read the Night Huntress books! As my friend Jena would probably tell you, they are a must have in any collection!!

Rated 4 stars

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