Destined for an Early Grave by Jeaniene Frost (@jeaniene_frost, @avonbooks)

Finally a break from all the constant battles, right? Not as much as you would think. For Cat and her new vampire blood-bonded husband Bones, there is never really a vacation. What started out as a trip to Paris turns into a living nightmare, literally, when Cat starts having horrible nightmares. When they arrive in Paris, they are met by Mencheres and it is discovered that Cat is being hunted by the Dreamsnatcher, Gregor.

Gregor claims that he blood-bonded with Cat when she was 16 years old and if that holds true, then it is a death sentence for Bones. Mencheres apparently intervened and locked Gregor away for 12 years, after he stripped a month of time from Cat.

What do you do when you are determined to find out the truth even if it destroys everyone and everything around you? This book was different to me then the first 3 books. It seemed that it was more raw in the emotional areas. I love the friendship that has developed between Vlad and Cat and that she has someone that is there for her, no questions or passions involved. When her relationship with Bones is destroyed, I cried. When she makes her choice, I was wondering what took so long! This story was amazing and had everything I wanted to see in an Urban Fantasy book!

Rated 5 stars

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