To Kill a Warlock (Book 1 of the Dulcie O’Neil Series) by H.P. Mallory (@HPMallory)

Dulcie O’Neil is a hard-working Fairy that wants to write a novel. Working in law enforcement as a Regulator (paranormal cop) Dulcie knows she has to save up so she can stop working to write her novel. I love how this started out as Dulcie being turned into a disgusting slime creature. It showed that she had a sarcastic side to her that resonates with me. Dulcie finds herself in a pickle when a warlock that specialized in the dark arts is killed. Having been the last one to see him alive, throws a kink into her life as a Regulator. When a mysterious stranger shows up and tells her he needs her help to solve some murders, Dulcie is sure that he is involved somehow. Dulcie has trust issues due to a previous relationship and I find it hysterical that she has all these luscious men lusting after her. Bram is by far my favorite, but that could be because I tend to lust after vampires. I hope we have more interaction with him in the rest of the series!

This story brings together creatures that we don’t normally see in paranormal books. We have demons, vampires, witches, a loki, gremlins and a hobgoblin. I can’t wait to see where H.P. Mallory takes me.

Rated 4 Bookworms





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