How to Marry a Duke by Vicky Dreiling (@vickydreiling)

I originally reviewed this book when I started my blog in 2011.  My blog fizzled out and I have since revamped and expanded.  I decided to review this again and include some fun stuff from Vicky Dreiling. 

This is Vicky’s debut romance and I was hooked from the get go.  Our heroine is Tessa Mansfield who considers herself a spinster and has created her own life as a ton matchmaker.  Tristan, Duke of Shelbourne has decided that it is time to set up his nursery and hires Tessa to find him a bride.  Humor commences as Tessa creates a courtship between the Duke and twenty-four of London’s most eligible debutantes.  I find it hysterical that Tessa creates a “game show” style process to find the next Duchess of Shelbourne.  I love the friendship and chemistry that develops between the characters.  I have read all of Vicky’s books and this is one that is on my permanent keep list. 

Now on to some fun stuff!  Vicky Dreiling posted the following on her Facebook page and I thought it was so funny, I wanted to include it here!  I contacted her and she agreed to let me post it on my blog.  As a struggling author, I found it to be a lighthearted gaggle of laughs!  Enjoy.

Vicky Dreiling’s How to Survive and Thrive List for Debut Authors 

How to Celebrate your First Sale 

  1. Squee in your agent’s ear.  Apologize profusely afterward.
  2. Call your friends and insist on meeting up at your favorite Mexican food restaurant for celebratory Chambord swirl margaritas.
  3. Spend part of your first advance check on something special-you earned it!
  4. Eat lots of chocolate.  It is one of the basic food groups for writers. 

How to Prepare your First Revision Letter 

  1. Buy post-it notes in many colors.  They are your friends and make the printed pages look pretty.
  2. You will need the printed version because page numbers will change as you revise.
  3. Stock up on your caffeinated beverage of choice.
  4. Memorize the phone numbers and/or website addresses of Pizza Hut, the local Chinese delivery service and Chili’s to go,
  5. Eat lots of chocolate.  It is one of the basic food groups of authors. 

How to be a Glamorous Almost Published Author 

  1. Make an appointment with a photographer for your author photo.
  2. Try on several outfits and decide you deserve a new one for the photo.
  3. Smear mascara under your eyes.  You’re out of practice putting on makeup since you became a recluse.
  4. Ask the photographer if he can work miracles with Photo Shop.
  5. Eat lots of chocolate.  It is one of the basic food groups for authors. 

How to Write your First Dedication and Acknowledgements 

  1. Sniff a little as you dedicate your book to someone special who helped you make your dream come true.
  2. Thank your wonderful editor whose insights made your book so much better.
  3. Thank your Uber Talented agent who knew exactly how to sell your book.
  4. Sniff a little as you thank all your fabulous writing friends and family members who encouraged you along the journey.
  5. Eat lots of chocolate.  It is one of the basic food groups for authors. 

How to Stay Sane as You Realize You Didn’t Prepare Enough 

  1. Call your published friends and beg them to tell you what works for publicity.  Friends will tell you nobody knows.  Don’t freak out.  And don’t overspend (Hah!).
  2. Get a professional website.  Don’t skimp as this is your window shop to the world.
  3. Social media is not an option.  Embrace it.  You’ll make friends and gain name awareness.
  4. Admire your Advance Reader Copies.  Keep one and give the others away on blog tour.
  5. Eat lots of chocolate.  It is one of the basic food groups for authors.

 Reprinted with permission of Vicky Dreiling.

Rated 5 Bookworms


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