RELEASE DAY! Beyond 10 Nights by Michelle Hughes and Karl Jones (@MichelleHughes_, @kast1j)


I am so excited for the release of the second book in The Forbidden Desire Series! Beyond 10 Nights is the continuing story of Leah and Rhett’s relationship. I fell in love with this series and I have recommended it to everyone I know!


Beyond 10 Nights with Rhett, Leah discovers that her journey into submission has a new temptation awaiting her awakening mind. The depths of Rhett’s depravity come full circle and force her to make a decision on the path she’ll choose to walk in his dark world of sensual indulgence.

When an old friend of Rhett’s returns to Chicago, the ultimate alpha male competition ensues to win the heart, mind, and body of our heroine. Two worlds of enticement collide, and emotions are overwhelmed as the true game begins.

Beyond 10 Nights will Leah discover that desire and the heart can be the hardest checkmate of all? Passion, love, and heartbreak in the end it all takes you Beyond 10 Nights!

Check out my review of 10 Nights and see how far temptation will take you!

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