BLOG TOUR STOP! Beyond 10 Nights by Michelle Hughes and Karl Jones (@MichelleHughes_ , @kast1j)

Wow!  Do you ever put down a book and just sit there for a moment and wonder how in the world you were going to make it till the release of the next story?  That is how I felt when I finished reading 10 Nights.  (Click here for my review of 10 Nights!)  Let me tell you that Beyond 10 Nights was everything I expected and then some!

Leah is in love with Rhett and has accepted his proposal of marriage.  Even though Janie and David don’t understand the relationship that she has with Rhett, Leah is hopeful that she will be able to fix things with her friends.  She is devastated when she realizes that Janie has no desire to support her relationship with Rhett and explodes on her.  Furious and in tears, Leah returns to Rhett’s house where he makes it clear that he wants her to stay with him anyway and that he wants to take care of her.  The submissive side of her wants to take him up on that offer but she knows that she still needs to find a job to take care of herself.

Leah is very nervous when Rhett tells her that he is opening the dungeon back up and she will be doing a scene that night.  She is not sure how she will react but wants to please her Master.  Later that night, while folks are arriving a surprise guest arrives.  A lifelong friend of Rhett’s who also is a Master and lives the lifestyle, Alex.  I have to stop here and say that there is not a single thing about Alex that I don’t find sexy as hell.  The man is yummy with a capital Y and it makes me want to find the nearest dungeon and convince him to join me!  That being said, back to the story.  Alex is intrigued when he meets Leah for the first time and can’t seem to figure out what has happened to his friend.  He has never treated a sub like he does Leah and Alex decides to take Rhett up on his offer to stay at the house so they can catch up.  Running into Leah in the kitchen the next morning, Alex joins her for breakfast and after talking to her for a bit, he begins to understand Rhett’s obsession.  When he realizes that she is job hunting he offers to give her a shot at his advertising agency and convinces her to go with him to check it out.

When Rhett finds that Leah has spent the day with Alex, he explodes with pent up rage and emotion. Leah doesn’t feel like she should have to deal with that so she leaves with Alex to take a break. I have to tell you that I don’t think I would have been able to handle myself around Alex, cause when sex walks like sin, you have to take advantage. Leah and Alex develop a wonderful friendship and it eventually leads to more. I love where this story goes and the intricate relationships. Go Beyond 10 Nights and into a world of desire.

I don’t want to ruin the story for anyone so I will stop there.  If you haven’t read the first book in the series, 10 Nights, then you need to hop over to Amazon or click the link below to get started.  This book picks up where it leaves off so you might be a little lost! 🙂  I was invited to be a stop on this blog tour and excited doesn’t even begin to describe it!  The genius behind this fabulous tour decided we should do a little This or That with our two amazing authors.  I have to admit that I was a little curious about their answers to my questions.

This or That with our Authors!
I was curious about what our authors’ choices would be and I was surprised at a few!

Michelle Hughes                                                                                  Karl Jones

Satin or Silk? Silk                                                                                 Satin or Silk? Silk
Whips or Feathers? Feathers                                                         Whips or Feathers? Feathers
Dom or Sub? Sub                                                                                 Dom or Sub? Dom
Kittens or Puppies? Puppies                                                           Kittens or Puppies? Kittens
Piercings or Tattoos? Piercing                                                   Piercings or Tattoos? Tattoos
Beer or Liquor? Liquor                                                                     Beer or Liquor? Liquor
Santa Claus or Easter Bunny? Santa Claus                               Santa/Easter Bunny? Santa Claus
Open Scene or Private Show? Private Show                           Open/Private Show? Private Show
Print or E-book? Ebook                                                                    Print or Ebook? Ebook
Cross or Bench? Cross                                                                       Cross or Bench? Bench

10 Nights (Forbidden Desires Series)

I would also recommend checking out Michelle and Karl’s other books while you are visiting Amazon.  They are all worth the read!  These are a couple of my favorites!

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Michelle Hughes Bio


Michelle Hughes is the international bestselling author of the book 10 Nights. She currently resides in Alabama with her husband and her five children. Hughes began her career in entertainment as a singer and host for a nationally televised satellite talent program and continued to perform across the United States until she decided to move home and start her family.
Hughes and her co-author, Karl Jones, own Tears of Crimson. The website began as role-play and fan fiction base and has since become the home of Tears of Crimson Books and promotions. Hughes states her love of writing comes from her muse Rafe, who has given her dreams of fantasy worlds since she was a young girl.
Hughes started reading Harlequin romance books at eight years old, sneaking them from her grandmother. It instilled in her a love of romance that is still with her today. Her grandmother was raised on a cotton farm and only completed a sixth grade education, it was through watching her struggles with reading that Hughes states gave her the love of the written word.
Amazon/Michelle Hughes

Karl Jones Bio


Author Bio, Karl Jones:

In the dark of the night and the still of the evening you’ll find Karl Jones writing furiously to exercise his dark muse to the delight of his fans.

Specializing in Crime and Horror thrillers, he refers to himself as a loner, haunted by the stories he pens and driven to push the boundaries until all lovers of the genres have no choice but to sleep with one eye open.

Karl explores the dark side of humanity and turns the stories of some of the most depraved into literature you’ll have no choice but to read with one eye on the door and every light in the house on.

Grab a sample if you dare…

Amazon/Karl Jones



**I was given a copy of B10N in return for my honest review.**

Rated 5 Bookworms



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