Born to Darkness Book #1 (Immortal Destiny Series) by Lorraine Kennedy

Excerpt from Amazon:

Alec’s music is as dark as his vampire kiss is deadly, but Nicole will risk everything, including her life, to love him.

Born to Darkness is book 1 in the 4 Book Immortal Destiny Series.

Nicole Ashe is the average American girl, except that she happens to work for a vampire and doesn’t realize it. But all that changes when her boss sends her to convince a local rock musician – heartthrob, to help them retrieve an ancient relic that could be the answer to the vampire’s curse. Nicole soon discovers that Alec is a vampire … and completely irresistible.

There is something about Nicole that stirs Alec’s hunger nearly beyond control, but he would do anything to protect her … even from himself.

Nicole is destined for a world of darkness that she cannot even begin to imagine, and love that can transcend eternity.

I have a thing for vampire rock stars and I really thought this book was going to be a hit with me.  It was a decent read but not earth-shattering.  Alec is a vampire that tried to do the right thing and stay away from Nicole but the light in her eyes calls to him.

Nicole works as an assistant to a private investigator named Ethan.  Ethan is a vampire on a quest and he draws Nicole into his world.  When a powerful evil threatens the life of Nicole, Alec is determined to do everything in his power to save her, even if that means leaving her behind. 

Nicole wants to discover the place that Ethan is searching for in order to see her little brother again.  She has never forgiven herself for his death and she believes the answer lies in her discoveries.  Nicole is told that to discover the place of light and to destroy the evil that threatens them all, she must locate her missing sisters.  This is book 1 in a 4 part series and I would be interested in seeing where the story goes.

This book was purchased by the reviewer.

Rated 3 Bookworms


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