REVIEW!! Without Regret by R.L. Mathewson


Chris Williams is used to making sacrifices. For years he’s done his duty by his family and his calling as he awaited the one person that was meant for him. When she finally came into his life she was nothing like the woman he’d expected. Instead of being the warrior ready to help him protect his family and the humans under his care he got…..A computer geek named Isabella, who somehow managed to get her name on every Master’s hit list. One minute she admits that she’d made a foolish mistake and the next she’s kidnapped, held hostage by a crazy cult who steals her chocolate and she’s sure is after her program, a program she has no plans on giving up anytime soon. As she tries to keep her wits about her the sexiest man she’s ever seen claims her, only he doesn’t seem to happy about it. It’s clear that he doesn’t want her, but the stubborn man just won’t let her go even when it’s clear that he may not have a choice.



Chris has one true passion and that is to protect his family at all costs.  He has been patiently waiting for the other half of his soul.  A Sentinel mate that will help him protect all those that he loves.  What he gets is a stubborn, weak woman, that he wants to get rid of but craves with a hunger he never imagined.

Isabella doesn’t know what kind of freakish cult she has landed in but she knows that it keeps getting more strange with every passing moment.  When the hottest guy she has laid eyes on, keeps telling her that she belongs to him and that they are married.  She knows she needs to get the hell out of dodge.  Not really happening though.  She does know that she has never felt anything like what she feels for Chris. 

As they run from every known Master, minion and demon that is hunting them, Chris and Isabella will discover what passion really is. 

I understood why Chris felt that he needed to protect Isabella and get her to an island.  I just felt like he was doing her a huge disservice by not allowing her to make the choice for herself.

~I purchased this book for my own pleasure and review.~

Rated 4 Bookworms


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