REVIEW!! Secrets of the Fog by Jaye Shields (@jayeshields, @TastyBookTours)

Excerpt from Amazon:

When the dryad Tera’s friends inform her that the portal on Alcatraz Island is buzzing with an arrival, she thinks her goddess mother has come to visit. When Tera arrives at the portal to welcome her, she doesn’t find her mother, she finds a gigantic otherworldly warrior causing mass destruction among the San Francisco tourists. Being a forest dryad born from the Goddess of the Hunt has its perks, and kicking ass is one of them.

Sabin is six-feet-six of hard-bodied soldier, used to subduing demons twice his size. One day after chasing an elusive smoke demon through a portal into the human realm, Sabin is brought to his knees by a beautiful woman, literally. After arriving at a pier full of dead bodies, Tera issues a passionate smack-down before Sabin can explain that he’s the good guy.

He’s just in time: an an ancient grudge has come to life. Eris, the Goddess of Chaos, has held a bitter hatred for Tera’s mother, Artemis, for over 400 years – and now she’s ready to destroy all dryads – including Tera.


OMG!  How do you even begin to review a Jaye Shields book?  I am a fan for life and actually purchased this book for my own pleasure.  Shortly after, I was invited to do a blog tour for the release of Secrets of the Sky. 

Tera is a dryad which are daughters of the Goddess of the Hunt, Artemis.  She has remained chaste and has developed fighting skills that honor her mother and keep her city safe.  Tera’s best friend is Sparrow, who is a sprite of a wiccan that can transform into birds.    Throw in some older auntie witches and I feel like a pina colada! 

Tera goes to close a portal in the city and discovers a sexy, hulk of a man name Sabin wrecking havoc.  In the middle of this battle, she discovers that he is protecting her city and she reconsiders her opinion of him.  Sabin doesn’t know what to make of the dryad but he is intrigued.  As a Knight of the Fog, he has seen a lot of women but Tera is the first to touch his heart.

Jaye has managed to create a different view of the paranormal and I am awed by her incredible talent and skill to draw me in and keep me captivated!  Besides, any book that incorporates hot guys, battles, and coffee; well let’s just say it is permanently embedded in my kindle!

Join me on Monday, February 11th for my review on the 2nd book in this incredible series and a giveaway!!

Rated 4 Bookworms


One thought on “REVIEW!! Secrets of the Fog by Jaye Shields (@jayeshields, @TastyBookTours)

  1. Whoaaaaa! What a great surprise. Thank you so much for buying my book and taking the time to review. Your kind words made my week! Nothing makes a writer glow more than when someone enjoys her book 😀 How perfect that Tasty Tours roped you into my Secrets of the Sky tour. Hope you enjoy Sparrow's story! ❤


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