REVIEW!! The Monster Within (Mounting Darkness) by Lola Rayne (@RayneLola)

Excerpt from Amazon:

Sometimes the monster that haunted you as a child truly is real…

All it took was one phone call to bring Nicole Jones’s life crumbling down around her. Now a nightmare she thought she’d left in her past is back, and he’s not exactly bringing her candy and flowers. While fleeing, in a non-terrified fashion, she meets a menacing man in a dark alley. Then promptly passes out at his feet.

Gideon Evans hasn’t exactly been having the best run of luck, but all that changes when a buxom little blonde collapses right in front of him. Or at least he thinks it has. It doesn’t take him long to realize that bombshell is an appropriate description for more than just her looks. Now he’s facing several problems, including a surprising enemy, his own dark past, and a rather inconvenient case of lust.

Can they work together to battle the nightmare that’s chasing them? Or will they succumb to the monster within?

A friend of mine has opened my eyes to more authors and genres then I can ever begin to thank her for.  Insert gratuitous thank you to Jena here.  🙂 

Anyway, when I discovered a story written by Lola Rayne I decided to give it a try.  WOW, was I blown away.  This is a story that got me hooked from the beginning.  I know what it is like to think that the past is dead and buried and to have it reach up and bitchslap you.  So, when that happened with Nicole, I was drawn into her life. 

Gideon has a definite white knight syndrome and that is such a sexy trait in someone that has a little more to them.  When he realizes that Nicole is his mate, he will do anything for her and well, to her.  This is a great beginning to what I believe is going to be an amazing series!

Rated 4 Bookworms


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