NEW RELEASES FROM VIVIEN SPARX! (@viviensparx, @beingnev)


Oh, let the good times roll, Kittens! Vivien has new reads for us and I am stoked! Here is what she has to say!

I am very excited to announce a new collection of stories that I am about to release on Amazon.
The ‘Unleashed Collection’ is a group of 5 stories that feature sizzling, adults only sexual encounters! They are very definitely NOT my usual erotic romance style, and they are very different to what you might expect when you pick up a Vivien Sparx title!
The new ‘Unleashed Collection’ is something I have been working on for some time and I have been thrilled by the advance reader reviews.

Starting this Friday I am going to release a new title in the Vivien Sparx ‘Unleashed Collection’ on Amazon every single day for 5 days.

Each title will be released at the special launch price of $0.99 cents for a limited time.
* On Friday March 15th I will release ‘Alicia’
* On Saturday March 16th I will release ‘Becky’
* On Sunday March 17th I will release ‘Claire’
* On Monday March 18th I will release ‘Debbie’
* On Tuesday March 19th I will release a secret fifth title called ‘Eve – Training Her Husband to be Her Master.’
The content of these stories is strictly adults only and contain graphic and explicit language of sexual encounters.

The Characters:
The man character in my ‘Unleashed Collection’ is a woman named Julia… and what a woman!
I found her a really interesting character to write. She has a lot of dominant personality about her when dealing with the women who come to her – but when she is around men, she’s more than happy to hand over the reins of a sexual encounter and go along for the ride!
Julia has a wicked, wicked sexual streak and loves nothing more than a hot sweaty encounter.
What do I mean exactly?
Well, you are just going to have to read the stories!

The Characters:
My favourite character to create for the ‘Unleashed Collection’ was the subtle support character of Alistair – Julia’s able and discreet elderly manservant.
I love his wry humour and his gentle role within each story, and the way he acts as a counter for Julia’s outrageous sexual encounters.
Nothing shocks or surprises Alistair!
He only has a small role in each of the ‘Unleashed’ stories, but he was always a joy to write.

DISCLAIMER:  These are not your typical “mommy porn”  ladies.  This is full throttle, smoking hot and explicit.  Not for the faint of heart!  That being said, here is my review of Alicia.

I am so easy to please.  Write a good story and I am a fan for life.  As a member of Vivien’s Street Team, I was offered Claire (releases on Sunday) for review.  I loved it!  I emailed Nev, who I am thinking is Vivien’s right hand, and told her I would like to review it for this post.  She rocked out and sent me Alicia for today’s review. 

Julia is a strong and independent woman.  She has forged her own path through life and if you don’t like it, oh well.  She runs a home that women come to when they need a place to stay or something a little more…satisfying. 

Alicia is a dancer that can’t make her rent so she shows up at Julia’s.  The rules are simple.  Julia gives you five sexy challenges to complete in five days.  You cannot refuse or you are out of the house.  If you succeed, you can stay as long as you like.  These challenges are not for the faint of heart, kittens.  They involve toys, multiple partners, BDSM and anything else Julia’s kinky little mind can come up with!

They are sizzling hot and erotic scenarios that Julia likes to watch or take part in.  I am not going to ruin this story for you because it is soooo worth the time to read.  Just know this, I am awed by the characters Vivien has created and will have the whole set on my kindle by Tuesday!

Vivien’s Amazon Page“>Vivien’s Amazon Page!

One thought on “NEW RELEASES FROM VIVIEN SPARX! (@viviensparx, @beingnev)

  1. I've never heard or read any of Vivian's book but will check out website. Also will purchase one book of the upcoming series to see if I like her writing style. Thank you for the blurb and info on a new to me author.


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