Gossip Girl meets Hollywood in this steamy new series.
I’ve always written scripts for my perfect life.
But no way could I have ever scripted this.
My life is so far from perfect, it’s not even funny.
All because of a stalker.

I’m at a boarding school, where I have to lie about who I am.
I can’t see my family.
I’m tutoring a hottie god that tortures me with his smile.
The most popular girl already hates me.
But there’s this boy.
This hot, sweet, sexy boy.
So I’m going to stop trying to script my life and just live it.
Because who knows how long I have left.


HELLLOOO BOARDING SCHOOL!!! Ummm, I gotta say if the hotties at my school were like this I think I would still be there. 🙂 This is the second installment of Keatyn’s chronicles and I am just as hooked as with the first one.

Keatyn has escaped the clutches of Vincent and is in hiding at a boarding school. She can’t see or talk to any of her friends and is told that she may never be able to return to her former life. Now, I have to be honest for a few minutes of this book, I thought she was turning into a bit of a slut. She is kissing boys left and right. Then it dawned on me that I was reading the life of a seventeen year old and that is what we all have done at one point or another. Aiden, or the God of all Hotties, blows hot and cold but I think there is a lot more to this young man than we read about in this story and I can’t wait to see where Jillian takes him. Dawson is your sexy player turned hot boyfriend but I just have a feeling he is a rebound guy.

Keatyn gets smart and makes friends first with boys. I have to say that some of my bestest friends in the world at that age were boys. They are so much more fun than girls!  I think there is a lot of potential for friendship with Peyton but that is down the road.  We shall see. 🙂

I freaked out when she went to see Brooklyn and well, I think you should read it understand why I was tripping at 3 a.m.!

I can’t wait for more from this awesome author!


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