‘Eve’ is a story for every woman who yearns to be submissive and wishes they knew ways to encourage their husband to be more dominant in the bedroom.

Warning! This is a Vivien Sparx story like you have never read before!
It contains explicit sex scenes and graphic language. It is for adult only readers who like their action sweaty, steamy and super hot!

‘Eve’ is the fifth story in the ‘Unleashed’ series…
Also available in the ‘Unleashed’ series are ‘Alicia’, ‘Becky’, ‘Claire’ and ‘Debbie’.
‘Eve’ is a story of approx. 22,000 words

Julia takes on a couple in their mid 30’s and over the course of 5 days shows them ways to re-ignite their sex life and turn the man into a Master for his wife.


Wow! Hot and spicy is an understatement. I have read all the books in the Unleashed series and they were hot and arousing. This story though, actually touched me. It is the story of Eve and Daniel, who are a happily married couple, that is until Eve begins to think that she is a submissive.

They come to Julia in the hopes that she can help them figure out if Eve is a submissive and how to make Daniel a Master. This is not an easy task since Daniel doesn’t understand the lifestyle and what it entails.

A lot of relationships wouldn’t be able to make it through something like this and I am in awe of the love between these characters.

Vivien has expressed the down and dirty in the BDSM lifestyle and in this one she shows us the everyday part of the lifestyle. I loved it and wonder if I can get my husband to read it. LOL!

Rated 4 Kisses

brandy lipsbrandy lipsbrandy lipsbrandy lips

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