If you were faced with the abominable decision to die or kill a loved one to
survive, would you be the honorable sacrifice?

Hell’s Mercenary. The Urban Fantasy novel from the Intervening World
Chronicles, by up and coming author Luke West.

Tobias is the Devil – the ruler of Hell. For years he has banished the souls of
innocent humans only to compliment his ruling status, but slowly things are starting
to change.

Fewer souls are struggling down the elevator ride eventuating at Hell’s
reception desk, yet heaven is reporting an influx of angel’s climbing the staircase into the clouds.

Tobias begins questioning the rules with his sister and rivalry – Constance –
the leader of heaven.

When his inquiries go unanswered, he entrusts his assistant Arliah with a
mission she simply cannot refuse, yet reluctantly accepts.

Her uncanny nature and gothic philosophy only cause havoc among Hell’s
people, and their eyes slowly open as they begin noticing her continual departures
through Hell’s gates and presumably into the beauty of heaven.

What Arliah soon comprehends is that the gates of heaven are located at the
other end of Earth.

Earth – A deserted world: a place of patience, hope and misery. The only
escape is to win the game; your target – the humans with the leading bounties.

Will her black magic connections lead her to the gates of heaven – a world
believed to be the light at the end of the tunnel? Or will her newfound supernatural
powers carve the third strike against her signed contract?

Her mission – find heaven, and once she does, bring it to Hell.


This book is a little outside of my normal read but I have to say that it was worth my time!  Luke West has developed a world that is different and that in itself is a breath of fresh air.  Tobias seems like the perfect devil to me.  I like the way that Luke develops his personality, but I feel a link to Arliah.  Her soul feels lost and alone and I have to tell you that when Tobias branded her, I wanted to knock him out.  Hell of a punishment for a mild offense but then it does come from the devil himself.  I think that in this story, Hell reminds me of high school! 🙂

Take a chance on this amazing author and let me know what you think!  If you are an urban fantasy kinda person, Luke West is your man!

Luke WestPIC


Luke West is an up and coming author from Queensland, Australia. He was raised and

still resides on the Gold Coast.

“Life is a journey, who knows the destination.”

                         – Luke West

Luke has always enjoyed creative writing, and his first dream – to become a published author – was realized at a young age. His parents were constant, avid readers of his many short stories and novels, and have always supported his decision to chase his dreams.

After studying the art of writing throughout his teenage years, Luke finally took the leap to pursue his writing career and set out to release his debut novel.

Luke decided to explore the self-publishing world, aiming to prove to the publishing houses that he has what it takes to research, market, and sell his work. With this goal achieved, he hopes to secure a full time career in the world of the written word.

Luke enjoys writing Fantasy, Horror or anything with a paranormal twist. His debut

Urban Fantasy novel, Hell’s Mercenary is the first of three books from the

Intervening World Chronicles and is set to hit online stores soon.

“Thank you for allowing me to entertain your imagination. I hope my books find themselves among your favorite books.” – Luke West


Official site:

Facebook author page:

Goodreads page & Blog:



Luke is offering up a copy of Hell’s Mercenary to one lucky winner! Comment below for your chance to win!!

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