CHARACTER INTERVIEW AND GIVEAWAY BY BRANDY! Together Again by Peggy Bird (@Crimson_Romance, @peggybirdwrites, #giveaway)


Guess what, Kittens?  I was given the chance to sit down with Margo and Tony from Together Again to pick their brains!  Too fun!

Brandy:  Why didn’t you bitch slap the Asshole in the Blue Blazer??  Seriously, the douchebag needed to be put in his place!

Margo: Yeah, he did. But felony assault was the last thing I need on my resume. I’ve prosecuted too many people who do things like that.

Brandy:  How long have you been into Tony?   I know the wedding was the beginning but have you always been attracted to him?

Margo: I had a huge crush on him in high school, just like every other girl in our class. And that summer between college and law school when I was working in my uncle’s real estate agency? We hung out together a lot but he was so wrapped up in Police Academy I couldn’t get enough of his attention to do any more than hold hands. I thought about going naked in the alley behind our houses to see if he’d notice but, of course, I didn’t. After that, he got engaged, I had a serious boyfriend—it never seemed to work out.

Brandy:  What made you decide to move to Portland to be a DA?  I realize you were trying to escape but did you ever long to go home again?

Margo:  Long story short—my father. I went to law school knowing I wanted to be a prosecutor to make up for what he had done to pervert the law. But when I tried to get a job with the DA’s office in Philly I was told that no daughter of Kenny Keyes would ever practice law in Philadelphia, much less be a DA. The Philly DA managed to poison the well in other places where I applied, too. The only person who’d give me a chance was Jeff Wyatt in Portland. So, I took the job even though I didn’t know much about Portland. Now I love the city as only a transplant can.

Brandy:  You seemed fearless when dealing with Viktor at the meeting in the park.  Was your faith in Tony protecting you or you didn’t think Viktor would hurt you?

Margo:  At the time I thought it was because I knew I was doing the right thing but now I think it was because I had Tony backing me up. He’s always been there for me when I needed him.

Brandy:  By the end of the story, I can feel the love and passion you feel for Tony coming from the pages.  I got to ask.  Large Italian wedding or quiet-by-the-river simple wedding?   

Margo:  Please. (snorts) You think our families will let us get away with a simple wedding? We’ve given in to the inevitable and told our moms they have a blank check to do what they want and we’ll show up when they tell us to. They have St. Andrew’s reserved for Valentine’s Day—that’s the church where both Tony and I were baptized and took first communion. (Tony was an altar boy there for about five minutes until the priest fired him because all the girls giggled when he was assisting and distracted everyone.) Anyway, after the wedding, there’ll be a reception in the parish hall, same one where Mary Ellen’s reception was, and a wedding breakfast the day after at his mom’s house. Amanda and Fiona are planning a party in Portland when we get back. We do get to decide where we’ll honeymoon without any help. Once Tony builds up some vacation time, we’re going to Hawaii.

 Brandy:  Wow, that sounds like a wonderful wedding and honeymoon!  Thank you, Margo for taking the time out to sit down with me!  Now, it’s your turn, Tony!  I have to tell you that cops are hot!  What made you want to go into law enforcement?

Tony:  Hold that thought. What the hell, sugar? A crush in high school? Naked in the alley? When were you going to tell me that? Jesus, I know you like to think things through, but did you have to wait fifteen years to act? We need to talk. Now, the question—being a cop. I never wanted to be anything else. My dad was a cop. He was my hero.

Brandy:  How long have you desired Margo?

Tony:  My sister Teresa says since I was 14 but it’s probably that summer after her son-of-a-bitch father went to prison. She was like a balloon with the air let out. I took her down the shore every chance I could, just to get her away from home. She wore this bikini that was four triangles, two white, two black. Man, she was hot. Still is. We need to find a bikini like that for Hawaii.

Brandy:  I have to ask why you didn’t call Margo after the wedding.  I know you thought you would catch her the next time she was in town but the fact is, she is a beautiful woman and you may have lost your chance with her.

Tony:  She and her mom had left the reception by the time I looked for her after my nephew dragged me away. I called her mom’s the next day but Margo was already on her way back to Portland. No message. I figured she’d had second thoughts and we were back to square one, starting over. Again. And (grins) I’m more persuasive in person than I am on the phone.

Brandy:  Wow, where’s a fan when you need it!  How did you feel when Margo said the things she said to you before your Long Beach trip?

Tony:  I was pissed at her for being afraid. Then I was pissed at myself for pushing at her. Then I was pissed at both of us for being stupid enough to waste even more time after all those years. Being pissed lasted a long time.

Brandy:  It also wastes energy you could be using elsewhere.  Hint, Hint!  You have the absolute patience of a saint.  Did you ever want to grab Margo and shake some sense into her?

Tony:  Yeah, that’s me, Saint Anthony. Look, I’ve known Margo all my life. I know she has to come to a conclusion her way. I figured she’d get there in the end. I just move faster.

Brandy:  You amaze me with moving to Portland.  Not a lot of men would walk away from the familiar to start anew.  How did your family take the news?

Tony:  I know why Margo can’t do what she wants to do in Philly so if we’re going to be together, it has to be in Portland. My mom’s okay with it. The truth is, telling her I was moving to Portland was easier than telling her I was joining the police force only a couple years after my dad was killed in the line of duty. That was hard on her. I worry some about my nephew Noah. I’ve been the man in his life since his dad left. He’s going to miss me. We’re already talking about having him come stay with us for an extended vacation every year.

You two are so awesome!  Thank you for taking the time out to visit Romancebookworm’s Reviews!  See ya soon!

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