Justin and Derrick have a secret that they revealed only to their closest friends. They are gay and are now a couple. The story of Justin and Derrick continues as they learn more about being a gay couple in their senior year of high school and the complications that arise from it. Some friends will have their backs while others simply stand on the sidelines. Other friends will be accepting and others will ridicule them.

Sometimes love is almost not enough to save a relationship and both Derrick and Justin begin to have their doubts as they watch relationships around them rise and fall. Justin and Derrick both want to have new experiences, new choices and make new friends, which leads to them questioning their own relationship. They soon discover that some of the people they consider friends have their own secrets, some darker than others. The couple begins to see how people react towards homosexuality and just how people want to deal with it and them.

Will Justin and Derrick be able to hold onto each other while their lives and secrets spiral around them?
Or will they decide to step back and give up on themselves and each other?


I received this book in exchange for my honest review.  This is the sequel to Finding Your Way. 

I am enraptured with Jayson James.  His writing style is real and it flows.  I wasn’t sure I would like reading a story from three different perspectives but he manages to make it move beautifully. 

The boys have come out and they are trying to make a successful relationship.  This is difficult in the best of circumstances and I am impressed at the realism of the things they go through.  Being a teenager in love is not easy but you can see how hard it would be to be a gay teenager in love.

I am simply stunned with how real Jayson James makes these characters.  These young and passionate men could be your sons, your nephews or the teenager down the street.  All they want is to love and be loved.  When threats start being made, which we see in real life all the time, the boys struggle to hold onto what they have.  Take a chance on this author and enjoy an amazing story!

Rated 4 Kisses

brandy lipsbrandy lipsbrandy lipsbrandy lips

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