Here in one complete collection are the four stories that complete the ‘LOVING JENNA SERIES’ by the exciting author, Katelyn Skye.

This series is contemporary, erotic romance featuring a billionaire, alpha male bachelor who, after attempting a false engagement to ensure his inheritance, falls helplessly in love with the reluctant Jenna. As he fights for her affection while trying to secure his Father’s fortune, Morgan is forced to come to terms with what is more important to him, his inheritance or the unconditional love of the beautiful Jenna.

This ebook contains very hot and explicit descriptions of erotic activity. Only mature readers should download this book.

Book 1: Taste Of Love

Jenna meets the dashing Morgan and within hours, loses herself in his arms. She doesn’t believe it will go any deeper than the one night – and was glad to play the reckless female for once in her life.
The morning after, she can’t wait to escape back to the real world where she can play at being normal once again. But her irresistible lover insists on keeping her around long enough to present her with a most unexpected offer…

Book 2: An Engagement

Morgan Shaw was a man who seemed to have everything but there’s one thing he still desired – a wife.
Jenna’s night of broken chastity with the devilishly handsome Morgan gained a new twist the next morning. Faced with a proposition for a marriage of convenience worth $5 million dollars, she wonders if it would really be worth it. To play his lover and then wife, never hoping to ever have him for real.
In this game, Jenna soon realized she would need to find a way to keep from losing far more than she was to gain…

Book 3: In His Arms

It had started out as a business arrangement. But Morgan Shaw was already falling into the silken web of his feelings for Jenna.
He’d found himself saying the big “L” word and now he was getting deeper into something that had never even been meant to be real.
Jenna would always belong to him; he wasn’t letting her go. But that didn’t mean he was willing to relinquish all of himself to her. He was still messed up; he still wasn’t sure he was ready. And now that it seemed he was getting everything his way at last, looked like he was back to needing no one and nothing but himself…

Book 4: Arrested Heart

It was the moment of truth for Jenna and Morgan.
Now that Morgan had taken over the company after his father landed in hospital, looked like everything was going his way. Especially now that Jenna was with him for real and not just as some paid fake girlfriend. And even as their feelings for each other deepen, both of them have to ask how far they were willing to go.
Jenna already knew she was crazy about Morgan Shaw. And she was ready to do anything to be with him. But could she settle just for being the woman who drove him crazy in bed? As she realizes that Morgan was never going to change from being the commitment-shy workaholic, she finally decides to take a stand. Now more than ever, her emotions were at stake and she couldn’t continue to be with him if he refused to put his own heart on the line as well…


Oh, how do you describe Morgan?  Sex on legs, delicious, yummy, any of those will do.  This was a collection of short stories that were enough to keep you company on a lunch break. 

The beginning was a little rushed for me.  I know women who pick up men in bars but Jena was a little different and to have her go home with a man and jump into bed seemed quick to me.  The sex scenes are luscious and leave you craving for more.  I have to admit that I like a strong, dominant man and Morgan is that.  He knows what he wants and goes after it.  This is one of those books that you will want to share with your girlfriends!

This was a fun read and I recommend it!

Rated 4 Kisses

brandy lipsbrandy lipsbrandy lipsbrandy lips

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