The bad guys are licking their wounds leaving Claire and James to enjoy what promises to be a merry Christmas. Until a traitor among them delivers Stephen and Claire into enemy hands.

Past lovers, obligations and rivalries compete, all the while the bond between Claire and James grows and Claire is pulled further toward the vampire side. James is growing dependent upon her to feed his humanity, and the boundary that separates them is no longer clear.

A potential husband and a job working for the Court threaten to take Claire’s newfound control over her life from her and stick her firmly under someone else’s thumb. She must try to keep her wits about herself enough to figure out what she wants before the ability to decide is gone forever, and try not to get any of her loved ones killed in the process.


This is a series that keeps it coming!  Claire and James are bonded and the relationship is developing quicker than either had planned.  Claire moves in with James and struggles to maintain her humanity with the development of their connection.  Being “marked” is usually done through bites but it seems like these two have developed a “psychic mark” that allows them to blend together.

Betrayal is the name of this game and I have to tell you that I was lead to believe one thing and it turned in a completely different direction!  Love when that happens.  Stephen’s character is growing by leaps and bounds and I am anxious to see if he finds the love he is looking for.

Stoked to discover what happens to this dynamic family in the third book, Secrets!!

Rated 4 Kisses

brandy lipsbrandy lipsbrandy lipsbrandy lips

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