Under Katie Scott’s flower child exterior beats the heart of June Cleaver. Though she digs her bellbottoms and love beads, she longs for the idyllic family life she was denied as a child.

Laughed out of San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury after the Summer of Love for believing rock ‘n roll and white picket fences can coexist, she decides to try her luck in the bohemian neighborhood of Ladbroke Grove in London.

When she discovers her new friend Adam is starting a band with Jay Carey, she’s ecstatic. She’d admired the British guitar god from afar for years, and when she and Jay finally meet the attraction between them is instantaneous.

But life with a rock ‘n roll star doesn’t lend itself well to white picket fences. And when Katie tells Jay the secret she’s carried for two years it may end the dream before it begins.


Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.  Does life get any better?  Not if you are in London in the sixties.  Katie is wanting to combine her flower child life with the home she has been craving and by moving to London, she hopes she will find that.  Passion enflames her when she meets Jay Carey, a rockstar that sets her bellbottoms on fire!

Jay is a bad, bad boy and I am in love!  This story makes you believe that you are in sixties London and the author has a talent for spinning a story you want to savor.  You know the story won’t be easy, loving a bad boy never is, and a rock star is even harder.  The choices these two make are difficult on the heart but a true love story always is. 

Thank you, Juli for allowing me a glimpse into the rock and roll life. 

Rated 4 Bookworms


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