Hiding from HollywoodBlurbAbby has succumbed to a life as a Hollywood cliché: the actress/waitress. But unlike most she’s keeping the “actress” part buried in her past. After a traumatic start to her life in Hollywood she’s decided to disappear from the limelight.

When movie producer Ethan Walker walks into her diner, she’s terrified. There’s nothing she wants more than to run and hide; the last thing she wants or needs is for her name to be connected with his. That way leads to tabloids, journalists, and exposure.
But Ethan has thought of nothing but Abby for months: the beautiful, talented actress who will save his career when she agrees to take the lead role in his movie. The project’s on the rocks already, and without her, it will certainly be canceled and his career will be over.

When a shooting in Abby’s apartment block leaves her without a safe place to stay, Ethan offers her sanctuary in his home—but she knows it cannot come without strings attached. And so, with her attraction to him growing, Abby must decide whether she can finally stop running and trust Ethan with her secret.


Hiding From Hollywood by Ellie Darkins was a wonderful story.  This was a book that I had a hard time putting down.  Abby was a successful actress in England.  She went to make her big move to Hollywood but one wrong decision has forced her to leave acting behind.  She uses her real name and keeps any and all connections to her past buried.  Abby is a smart and careful woman.  She has learned the hard way not to trust anyone. 

Ethan Walker is a movie producer who is in search of Abby.  Ethan saw her in an older film and wants her for his next film project.  Ethan is stubborn and thickheaded man.  He is willing to pull every trick to get her to read the script.  Ethan is also falling in love with Abby and is fighting it as well.

The chemistry between Abby and Ethan is scorching.  Ethan is the one person who is on her side.  He wants to fix her problems rather than let her keep running from them.  I admire him for that.  The sex scenes were steamy.  It’s easy to see even if they don’t talk about their feelings that they cared for the other.

This story was well written.  The main and secondary characters were interesting and realistic.  I hope there is a sequel.  I would love to know more about Candy, Abby’s best friend.  Overall, this was fabulous story.  One I can see rereading again in the future.

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