Emily Brentwood’s ultimatum to return to England led to her husband’s capture by British troops, but she learns he has escaped and is still alive. She is overjoyed to be unexpectedly reunited with her husband, but Emily is appalled by Jonathon’s injuries at the hands of the British, and she blames herself for his imprisonment and torture.

Separated again when he is forced into hiding, Emily clings to his promise to be with her for the birth of their baby. Boldly, she confronts the British officer who attempted to rape her, and she defies the woman who wants her dead.

Still suffering from his wounds, Jonathon risks his life to reunite with Emily, but their time together is cut short by threats from the British and the scandalous demands of his former lover. Jonathon’s physical pain pales in comparison to the torment he feels when he betrays Emily. Standing in the way of their happiness is a British officer with a personal vendetta, and a woman whose vicious intentions threaten Emily’s life. Torn between anguish over his betrayal of Emily and his need to ensure her safety, Jonathon risks recapture and certain death when he returns to Brentwood Manor knowing that British soldiers scour the countryside for him.

Both Jonathon and Emily must overcome their guilt and trust that love’s spirit will triumph over the obstacles that threaten to keep them apart. Swirling around them is a war in which a new country is born from a demand for liberty and a new love is sparked in the midst of rebellion.


This brilliantly written historical-romance novel is a captivating and creative read.


I was immediately immersed in this novel as a passionate moment unfolded between Emily and Jonathon in the first chapter.  These brave characters have a wonderful backstory and are perfect for each other. They’re humanized by the mistakes they make and the little idiosyncrasies that are brilliantly placed throughout this book. 

With the sweets comes the sour, of course.  While the British are circling Brentwood Manor like vultures, a predator of a different nature has slithered her way back into Emily and Jonathon’s life.  The young heroine must keep herself together for the sake of her unborn child, the man she loves, and her new country.

I am completely blown away by this author! To say that she writes intelligently, or dictates everything perfectly would be an understatement.  Given her background as an English teacher, she has an exemplary gift of conveying life as it was, in every manner, during the 18th century, without causing confusion.   The research involved is evident and impressive.  I finished this novel with a renewed sense of knowledge about the Revolutionary War, and I grew up two miles from The Kershaw-Cornwallis House in Historic Camden!  We were raised on the wars and conflicts that occurred in our sleepy little town, and Meyette writes as if she was raised during these times. 

Love stories, evil plots, Rebels, Redcoats, and the fight for liberty are all wrapped up in a thrilling novel that flows elegantly.  I look forward to reading more of her work and I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves Historical Fiction/Romance.

Elizabeth Meyetteauthor

Author, poet, freelance writer and blogger Elizabeth Meyette published her first novel, Love’s Destiny in June 2012. She had written the historical romance 30 years earlier, but it languished in her closet during her career in education as an English teacher and Media Specialist. Upon retiring from teaching, she dusted off Love’s Destiny, polished it up and submitted it to Crimson Romance, an imprint of F&W Media, who published it. Unlike her first novel, the sequel, Love’s Spirit took only seven months from inception to submission, and was published as an ebook on April 22, 2013 and will soon be available in print.

Elizabeth and her husband Richard live in the Great Lakes Bay area of Michigan. They have an agreement that she cannot cook on writing days after he endured burnt broccoli and overcooked chicken.  Fortunately, Richard is an excellent cook. Elizabeth becomes so absorbed in her writing, crying at the sorrows of her characters, rejoicing in their triumphs, that she laughingly describes herself as a “snapdragon” at interruptions, “not like the pretty flower, but like a dragon that snaps.” She will soon publish The Cavanaugh House, a mystery set in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York. Visit Elizabeth at Her blog, Meyette’s Musings can be found at

You can purchase Elizabeth’s books at


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