Title: A Collar For Christmas

Author: A.E. Lawless

Publisher: Loose ID

Publication Date: 24th December 2013

Genre: M/M BDSM

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For actor Liam, anxiety and panic attacks are old friends, but they only get worse the more famous he gets. Nothing has ever worked to help him control the anxiety until his costar, Aaron, introduces him to bondage. Too bad Liam develops feelings for Aaron and ruins the only solution he’s ever found for his neuroses.

Aaron only wants to keep history from repeating itself. He’s already had one costar spin out of control, resulting in her tragic death, he can’t just sit idly by and watch another friend and colleague destroy himself from the inside out. He’ll do anything to keep that from happening–even enter into a non-sexual BDSM arrangement with him.What starts out as a way to control Liam’s anxiety becomes so much more. At least for Liam. So, tired of pretending he doesn’t want Aaron in his life for good, Liam decides to give him the perfect Christmas gift. The kind that will show Aaron exactly what Liam wants from their relationship: the collar he’s been dreaming of Aaron putting on him for months.


I liked this book a lot more than I thought I would, from the blurb the book came across as stereotypical.  However, after reading the book it was not that in the least.  Liam struggles with panic attacks, anxiety not from his job as an actor but it seems the fame, and the expectations that come with the fame drive it.  Liam is an extremely likeable character.  He is well aware of his issues and tries his best to work on them. It also seems that Liam has issues one type or another most of his life.

Aaron is Liam’s costar seems to be the only one able to help Liam when his panic attacks and anxiety spin out of control.   Aaron seems to be helping Liam not just to help Liam but also to help him deal with his past.  Aaron comes across as a hardheaded likable guy that can bury his head in the sand and not face what is in front of him. 

The chemistry between Aaron and Liam is blistering.  I am surprised they were involved in a non-sexual BDSM relationship for as long as they were.  I loved the sex scenes at the end.  It was perfect way for their relationship to progress.  I admire the strength and courage it took for Liam to tell Aaron his needs even if it meant that Aaron would walk away.  Not many people can do that even on their best days. 

I found this book extremely interesting.  I had a hard time putting this book down.  I found it to be well written.  The main and secondary characters were interesting and realistic.  Overall, this was a great book one that I can see rereading in the future (and to me that is the best complement a writer can get).  I have not read anything by this author before but I will be keeping my eyes out for more. 

Review by Tomme

Liam is a young star on a hit TV show, but he has a problem.  He is shy and has had a serious problem with anxiety for his entire life.  Just when he thinks that he can’t hack it anymore, in comes Aaron, his friend and co-star on the show.  

Aaron wants to help his friend get though his issues, partly out of friendship and partly to make amends for a skeleton in his past.  Liam and Aaron figure out a solution to help with Liam’s problems, one that really blurs the lines between friendship and something more.

As these things tend to do , the relationship gets more complicated by the fact that Liam is developing stronger feelings for Aaron. Liam desperately needs to know if the feelings are mutual so on a whim he buys Aaron a leather collar for Christmas, knowing that one way or another he will get his answer…

I was a little skeptical going into this book as it is not my norm, but I was pleasantly surprised by the authors ability to pull me in and really make me feel for the characters.  You really can’t help but feel the angst of the main characters and to understand what they are going through.  The story moved along at a slow pace at first but picked up as you read on and ended up turning into a good read.  I especially liked the secondary characters because instead of just fodder to fill the background with they were well thought out and real, had depth and added to the overall telling of the story.  The main characters also developed and changed, which as we know is what happens in real life.  All in all a good read, and I definitely will read more books by this author.




author A.E. lives in south Louisiana where everything is bigger, covered in camo and made with more butter. She sweats her way through the summers because she loves the people, the food and the culture found only there.

She couldn’t manage any writing at all without copious amounts of coffee and her writing partner: her cat Bacon



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