BlurbEveryone tells him he needs to move on, but how can a man function without his heart?

Ten-year-old Caleb Tanner wants nothing to do with Sylvie Cranston, the annoying weird girl who moves next door to him and gets him in trouble for swearing. But at twelve, they become friends when he teaches her how to hook a fishing line and she shows him the value of a selfless act. At fourteen, he falls in love with her.
At sixteen, she dies.

Or so he’s told. But Cal never believes it. Sylvie has become part of his soul. He knows her like the steady beating of his own heart. He’d know if she was dead. Cal looks for her, prays for her and finally he just waits for her.

Nine years later, she walks into the community college English class Cal is teaching. Only this girl claims her name is Sophie Becker and she doesn’t know him. Cal knows better. He’s determined to get the girl he loves back—and protect her from the danger that took her away all those years ago.


Caleb is a teacher at the local community college working his way up to becoming a professor.  He has hunted for the woman who everyone told him was dead.  Caleb does not believe it because his heart says she is still alive.  It seems he tried to have relationships but no one has ever been able to measure up to Sylvie. 

Sylvie was taken from Caleb at the age of sixteen and was still in love with him years later to the point of following him from afar.  Finally, fears later she takes on of Calab’s classes just to see him then everything comes to a head as he see her. 

The chemistry between Caleb and Sylvie is blistering.  They have a hard time staying away from each other.  It shows how much they care about each other.  The sex scenes were scorching.  The ending is what blew me away.  I did not see it coming at all. 

I liked this book a lot but what I found confusing was for the first third of the book (less once you’re past that point) or so it went back and forth between the past and the present.  That is one of my biggest pet peeves because I find very distracting.  The main and secondary characters were fascinating and genuine. I loved that this book was told from Caleb’s point of view.  Overall, I adored this book and wish I can find man who loves me just like Caleb loves Sylvie. 

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