Two Lives Torn by tragedy

Eight year old Becca and twelve year old Hunter cling to each other and life after surviving a plane crash which stole their families.

Two Souls Seeking Love

Each year from the time she was old enough to travel on her own, Becca met up with Hunter on the island that altered their lives forever.

Until he stopped showing.

Her constant. Her link to the past. Gone in the blink of an eye.

Two Lives Bound by Secret

Suffering more heartbreak, Hunter returns to the one place he’s always sought comfort.
The island where he and Becca met. The place that stole from him, and in the same instance gave to him. He hasn’t been back or spoken to Becca in four years.

Though he’s sure she must hate him for disappearing, Hunter discovers the girl gone, now a woman in her place. Hunter is determined to prove to Becca he isn’t the same twelve year old boy of yesteryear.

But someone isn’t happy about their reunion…

Strange things begin happening, letters showing up in their hotel rooms and at home with cryptic messages.

Two Broken Hearts Heal as One.

With the mystery unsolved, Hunter convinces Becca to spend the remainder of the summer back home with him. For safety and to give them a chance to rediscover the adults they’ve now become.

Will love get a chance to blossom or will the past come back and tear the masterpiece of their love apart, once and for all?

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Review1This is another beautifully written story by Nikki Lynn Barrett.  This is the first in a trilogy so be prepared.  Becca and Hunter’s story was a soulful accounting of two people that have seen tragedy, felt it and found a relationship despite it.  Nikki Lynn always brings characters that have depth and passion to them and she did it again with this story. 

I love that her stories have emotion and are not your stereotypical romance read.  There is a cliffhanger but it is well worth the wait!


This is a wonderfully unusual romance novel, with a little mystery/thriller on the side!

Becca and Hunter are the kind of couple you want to succeed. I was completely entranced as the two battled both the past and present, while fighting for their lives. The courage they give one another is endearing and I simply love Becca’s determination. I enjoyed watching this love blossom, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next.

This was my first novel by Barrett, and I like her writing style very much. Her characters are strong, relatable, and interesting. The background isn’t forced, and the story flows with ease. It’s obvious by depiction, character development, and setting that this author is an artist. I look forward to her next novel, as I’m intrigued and want answers!




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Nikki Lynn

Nikki Lynn Barrett lives in Arizona with her husband and son. She’s an avid reader, a dreamer, and loves everything about books. She runs a book blog, an online used bookstore, and writes various genres of romance. Nikki can also be found outside with her camera when a storm is near, snapping photo after photo. Her dreams of becoming a writer started when she was young, when she started writing books in one subject notebooks by the fifth grade. The Secret Santa Wishing Well is her debut book. You can visit Nikki’s site at: for more information. She is working on her next book. Nikki would love to hear from readers. Email her at




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She wondered why he would even bother locking them. The island was fairly isolated and she doubted anyone would try coming in. But with the boat incident, he seemed to be on his guard. Hunter had mentioned more than once today that he thought something was off. He acted a little paranoid. He took her hands in his and helped her climb to feet. He touched the side of her face. “You do look exhausted.” he said quietly. “What a day. If I hadn’t blacked out…”

“You can’t help that you fell overboard!” Why would he even feel guilty for that?

“I spaced out! I lost control and that’s when things went downhill!” Hunter protested. A muscle strained in his neck. He really seemed agitated about the whole ordeal. “I normally pay better attention to the weather, and failed to do that this time, too.”

Becca took his hands in hers, giving them a squeeze. She opened her mouth, hoping the words would come out this time. All that happened were a few squeaks. She stomped her foot in frustration.

Hunter pulled her in his arms again. She leaned against him and soaked in his warmth.

“Don’t try to force the words if they won’t come.” He pleaded softly. Hunter was one of the only people to be so patient with her. When this happened the first time, the only time it had lasted years, her grandparents had yelled, cursed, and belittled her for it. The therapists, doctors, teachers, everyone had made such a fuss about it. She ended up feeling less of herself when she really had been trying. Did they really think she wanted to be like that? To have a lack of communication? Nobody got it.

Except Hunter.

Tears sprung in her eyes at the memories and she held Hunter even closer. She was content there. She was so glad he came back this year. Despite the few years separation from her friend, she felt right at home with him.

At her sniffle, Hunter tipped her chin up. “You are crying! Aw Bec, why the tears?”

“I think my emotions are going haywire. I’m tired, so I’m a little weepy. I’m so glad you’re back this year.” When she finished signing, his lips curled up in a smile.

“ So am I.” He whispered softly. Something in his eyes resembled longing tugged at her. His hands were still touching her face. He inched closer and parted his lips. Without thinking, Becca reacted. They met midway, his lips crashing over hers. Her thoughts ran a million miles a minute. Did he start this? Or did she? What were they doing? No matter how much she wanted this, the last time they had an almost kiss, he disappeared.

It wasn’t about you, you know this!

It didn’t matter.

She uttered a sound when he deepened the kiss.

His kisses were passionate. So tender. Loving. Inquiring. He drew her closer, tightening his strong hold on her. He held on like he never wanted to let go. A sound escaped his lips, but he didn’t stop. Her heartbeat sped up. She placed a hand on Hunter’s shoulder, then slid it around his neck, running her fingers through his hair. She opened her eyes for a brief second and devoured the sight of Hunter. Then she closed them again, leaning into him. His tongue toyed with her, teasing playfully.

Another loud crack of thunder startled them both. Like kids being caught doing something they shouldn’t, Hunter and Becca pulled apart.

She let out a breath and covered her chest with her hand. She blinked. Hunter stared intently at her.

“I have no idea what came over me. Please know I never meant for that to happen. I don’t want you to think-”





  1. Oh my gosh, TWO reviews!! Wow! Thanks so much to both of you! I'm so glad you enjoyed the first part of their story, it's very close to my heart in ways I never imagined it would while writing it. Thanks for hosting me.


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