The New Orleans Vampire Bar, Tears of Crimson,  comes back to life!  February 17, 2015

I was only fifteen the first time he found me.  I say he found me because I hadn’t been looking for him… yet there he was when I closed my eyes. When my mother was declared insane, the only person I had left in the world was Granny Louise.  Even though she was good to me, I was a target for bullies, ones that were convinced that the apple never fell far from the tree.  I was tired of my life, tired of a world that fostered such heartache and pain.

Rafe changed things.

He salvaged what was left of my will to live.  Those six years became my lifeline.  He opened my eyes to passion, shared a world with me that was so vivid that I could still hear his words in my ears, and the ghost of his touch on my skin when I woke up.

Now that my world has seemingly fallen apart, the only place I can think of going is where my dreams took place- New Orleans.  Rafe and I have walked those streets in my fantasies.  Somehow, I feel like that’s where I can find my salvation, my purpose.

What frightens me is, now that I’ve stepped in Tears of Crimson, a part of me is starting to believe that some dreams are meant to be lived.

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I am one of the lucky ones who discovered Michelle in the early stages of her writing career.  I stumbled upon this book called Tears of Crimson.  I read it and was hooked.  How do you describe meeting your book soul mate?  This woman wrote the things that I wanted to read and wrote it in a way that drew me in and kept me hooked.  I never looked back.
Rafe is that man that you can picture clearly in our heads.  We all have one–that one man that could convince us that being single might not be a bad idea.  He is sexy, dominant and mysterious.  He comes in an immortal package that would make most of contemplate forever.  
Cara has been drawn to the man in her dreams but who knew she would literally find him?  New Orleans is a mystical place and the people are too.  This story is sensual and passionate.  I read the original and the revamp and I can’t wait for you to discover the secret of Tears of Crimson. Michelle has managed to capture all the original steam and roll it into a sexy package that is on my permanent read again list. 
P.S.  Say hello to the wait staff.  Those girls have a little something special…


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