Luca Phillips dropped me to my knees with a promise…

He was sexy and confident, absolutely brilliant and Luca wanted me.  I was infatuated from the first conversation, wanting to be what he needed.  For the first time in my life I understood what it meant to desire.  All he demanded was my trust.  I had been broken by my past and doubted I could give that gift, no matter how badly I craved him.

Luca’s world was dark when looking in from the outside, but the light in his eyes promised something more.  Hope.  Together we could change the downward spiral my life was taking.  His words.

Kneeling at his feet, handing over control, he asked one question.  How far are you willing to go to be…






Free 1st Chapter:

This story touched me in a deep way. Everyone wants to find a relationship that is important to them. BDSM is a lifestyle that is misunderstood and judged harshly.  Michelle has done a wonderful job of weaving a story around truth.  Luca is a forever type of man. He understands Gina’s (I know what you did there, babe) demons better than she does. Overcoming trauma is never easy and it takes a lot of strength to give another person something as precious as your trust. Luca earned it.  Thank you,  Michelle. You have shown us that we can overcome domestic violence and find our own forever types of guys.



Michelle Hughes is an international bestselling romance author with over 15 books published. She is an Alabama native, married with five children, and formerly a singer/songwriter. Michelle is also the owner of Tears of Crimson LLC which provides exposure to independent authors and entertainers on a global level.


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