**Even though this can be read as a Stand-Alone, it is a spin-off from the PNEUMA series, so it would mean SO much more if you read that too… hin-hint 😉 **

Every mom tells her daughter she’s special.
Every mom treats her like royalty and tells her she’s a princess.
But how many mom’s can admit that what they’re saying is actual fact.

The truth to everything was hidden from me, until it was violently thrown into my face. I was ripped from my friends, my family, my life, and Earth.

He showed me the truth when no one else did.
He’s also the one that took me from everything I loved.
I have to get back. I have to get home.

What happens when I have to depend on the one person that took me?

My name is Gabbi Powell and I will do anything to get back home. Including staying away from it.

Sneak Peak:

“Oh great. You again,” he said very sarcastically. “You know this is all your fault.”

I kneeled down before him. “Excuse me?! You didn’t have to rescue me.”

“Rescue you?!” He scoffed. “Who said I was rescuing you?!”
I cocked my eyebrow. “Really? So what were you doing then?!”

“Isn’t it obvious?!” He couldn’t even look me in the eye. “I was trying to take down a rogue and your body was in my way.”

“Uh-huh.” I was holding my laugh. “And when they were fighting, you just happen to tackle me out of the way?”

“Like I said—” his shoulders stiffened “—your body was in the way.”


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