An Out in Portland Novel
Karelia Stetz-Waters
Releasing July 5th, 2016
Forever Yours


For Kristen Brock, Tristess County, Oregon, is just a stepping stone. She doesn’t fit in to the small town community, but that doesn’t bother her; she’s not here to make friends. A few
years as district attorney will look good on her resume, and then she’ll be
able to get any job she wants in a big city law firm. But then she meets
Marydale Rae, who inspires feelings Kristen never imagined . . .
Marydale didn’t intend to hide her past from Kristen, but the prospect of a friend who doesn’t know she spent time in prison is too tempting to pass up. Add in the kiss they shared, and Marydale
never wants Kristen to know the truth. But in a town like Tristess, secrets are
impossible to keep. Being together puts both Kristen’s job and Marydale’s
parole in jeopardy. But is a chance at forever worth the risk?
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My wife recently dubbed my writing “so-ro,” short for romance with a social conscience.
I guess that’s what I do. Whether I’m exploring the problems of gentrification
or the evils of human trafficking, every book I write has a lesbian romance at
its heart and a social issue in mind. They’re the kind of books that read like
fun, lazy-Saturday page-turners and yet leave your unexpectedly enlightened.
That’s two for the price of one and way more fun that keeping up with the news.
When I’m not writing, I’m being inspired by my amazing community college students and
hanging out with my lovely wife and my charming spuglette (that’s a technical
term for spaniel-pug mix). I’m a fan of snakes, corn mazes, popular science
books on neurology, and any roadside attraction that purports to have the
world’s largest ball of twine.


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