Meet Shelly, she’s fast approaching thirty.

With a budding career and a devoted boyfriend, everything in her life is going to plan.

Until the unexpected happens…

Never fear, her trusty mates to the rescue. Meet Colin and Alberto, they’ll help her through any and everything. Thank God their relationship is purely platonic. Things are so much easier when you deal with guys that you’ve friend-zoned. Right?

She just needs to focus on turning her life back around and making things awesome again!

Follow the trials and tribulations of lovable Shelly, her mishaps and her laugh out loud escapades in this roller-coaster of a story.


Guest Post

The One Who Makes My Heart Race is a light-hearted romantic comedy based around the shenanigans of co-workers Shelly, Colin, and Alberto.  It is an observation of office life from the inside while delving into the relationships they share.
I love working in an office environment, and while the work is intensive and sometimes tedious it is the people that I come across and interact with that make it such a great experience. When creating this novel I had the pleasure of working with an awesome group of people who were charming, hilarious and charismatic.  It was one of the best roles I have had in my entire career and it was due to the comradery and friendship that made it such an amazing experience.
The protagonist is a combination of many women I have come across in life.  As much as we know we should not compare our life experiences and outcomes to someone else we inevitably do. Especially when everyone else’s life seems to be moving that little bit faster in the right direction than ours. We all have goals in life and strive our best to achieve them so it can be a little frustrating when plans go awry. It is always comforting to know that when things do hit the fan there are people that can be relied on to help turn life around.
The One Who Makes My Heart Race should make you giggle and hopefully laugh out loud!
This was a fun read that did make me laugh.  I found Shelly’s escapades to be light and funny.  I work in an office in the medical field and some days the laughter is just nonstop. I found Colin and Alberto to be my type of peeps. 🙂
There were parts to the story that I felt could have been sped up a bit and I am a firm believer in moving on when you have been kicked to the curb but I can tell you that I would recommend this story to anyone looking for a funny, light romance.  I can’t wait to see what Ms. Allsop brings next.

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