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Last semester of senior year can be tough. Enemies forced to work together with graduation on the line is tougher.


When I prepared for the first day of my final semester senior year, I never thought that day my life would change forever, but when I collided with him in the campus cafe so began a tale as old as time. Love at first sight? No, I meant the other one. Guy spills girl’s beloved coffee and they become arch enemies. Little did I know this was only the beginning of my rivalry with Jason Black.


She was going to be the death of me. This mystery girl crashes into me, but somehow I’m the bad guy. Not only does she cause a scene in front of the entire cafe, screaming accusations like a banshee, but then she bites me! Granted, I shouldn’t have tried to kiss her mid-argument, but hindsight is 20/20. Nothing to do now but try to avoid her until school was over, which shouldn’t be too hard considering there’s only one semester left until graduation.

Two college seniors. Two dark pasts. One chance to change their hearts forever.


Here’s An Excerpt From Avery…

You’re really that full of yourself? You would’ve seen me navigating the tables with my breakfast,” she pointed to the mess on the floor, “if your head was in its place instead of being ridiculously far up your ass, you arrogant jerk!”

Okay, now that was taking things way too far. You didn’t just crash into a guy and then accuse him of having his head up his ass. I had never met her, I was sure. I could never have forgotten that hair and those eyes but her words made me wonder if she was some jilted past lover. I don’t know why but I hoped not.

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About Avery…
Avery Price calls North Carolina home, but she spends most of her time traveling. She plans to go on safari in Africa, and experience the magic of Ireland. She is the dreamer of impossible dreams, refusing to give up hope fairies and dragons are out there.

When she isn’t exploring this beautiful world, she like to snuggle in at home with a cup of coffee and a good book while convincing herself she doesn’t need a pet.

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