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Ever wondered what you’d do if you were faced with a ladies man who could charm the pants off a nun? Especially if your husband is at home dying of cancer? That was exactly the position Lori found herself in during a girls’ night out. For the past two years Lori has been fighting her own conflicting emotions and guilt. But now her husband is laid to rest, can she allow herself a second chance at love?

Meet Mari Brown…


About Mari…

Mari Brown is a Self-Published author and Freelancer. Her creative works span the genres of, New Adult, Young Adult, and Erotic Romance novels.

She spent most of her teens writing shorts stories for her friends. Her love for writing was a true passion. Even though she considered it more of a hobby, she was published in the school newspaper.

At the age of 19, she met and married her very own alpha male and one true love. Together they raised three beautiful kids, One Girl, and Two boys. They live on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Alabama. She feels blessed to have a house on the river and to be only a short drive from the beach.

Over the years, while raising her babies, she continued filling her journals with short stories. It wasn’t until 2012; she decided to pursue her dream to write a full novel. With her determination, dedication, and hard work, she was able to self-published her first novel, in January 2014.

Today Mari continues her love for writing. There are always new stories in her head, and characters talking to her. She hopes to continue sharing her books with her readers

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