Title -When in Rome…Break his Heart
Series– When in Rome # 4
By– Lena Mae Hill
Genre– Sweet College Romance
Maggie has her life all planned out. She’ll marry her childhood sweetheart and live happily ever after. But when he doesn’t propose by her predetermined date, she begins to question everything. It doesn’t help that she’ll be spending the next six weeks studying abroad in Rome. And when she meets a guy in Rome who refuses to let her go without a fight, she begins to question all those plans she made with a guy who seems all too willing to let her go.
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About the Author-
Hey, y’all. Thanks for checking out my work! I’m a southerner, born and raised, which means I mostly mind my manners but I also have the cussing streak of my Italian grandpa when the mood hits. I’m a serious chocolate addict, a coffee lover, and a restless homebody. I love writing more than almost anything, and I’m so excited about publishing my first romance series this year. I hope you will come along on the adventure!


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