Series Spotlight! The My Heart Series by Brey King – Includes an Excerpt & Giveaway!


Being the Alpha King, it was expected that King Joshua would find his mate and claim her. His parents thought that it would be a great idea to gather all of the eligible single women together at the castle. They wanted to host a special event so that he could meet his mate. King Joshua felt that agreeing to the event would satisfy his parents, so he grudgingly agreed. He thought that there was no way he would find his mate be at the event tonight.

Kamela couldn’t believe it, she was invited to the castle for a special gathering. All she had ever wanted in life was to see the inside of the castle and to catch a glimpse of the handsome King Joshua. Especially since she had never seen him in real life, and she didn’t know what he looked like.

Find out how one night changes the lives of King Joshua and Kamela as they try to find their heart’s desire. My Heart, My Kingdom’s Queen will touch your heart and encourage you to cheer the lovers towards each other.

Stand-alone book that starts the My Heart Series. Key focus is love, romance, and clearing up a misunderstanding between a wolf shapeshifter (shifter) and a curvy woman.



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About the Series

My Heart Series
by Brey King

Paranormal Romance

King Novelettes

Publication Date

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From My Heart, My Kingdom’s Queen:

I noticed something amazing that I had to see up close. It drew me to it like a magnet.

Seeing the exquisite and picturesque fountain up close that had caught my attention, made everything else disappear into the background. Making a beeline for it was at the forefront of my mind. Everything and everybody faded away as I stood in amazement at its beauty.

The fountain had flowing water that looked like it was multicolored because of the sculpture underneath it. There were various fish floating around at the bottom and it made the water come alive. It took my breath away and made me feel all tingly inside. Who would have thought I would have had that response to a fountain?

Suddenly, very near my ear, I heard a very sexy and low voice say, “Very beautiful, wouldn’t you agree?”

I quickly stepped away and spun around to confront the voice speaking directly into my right ear. “Do you make it a habit of approaching women you don’t know? Kindly, step back and give me a little space please.”

My response seemed to have shocked him because I gathered from the shock that quickly appeared in his eye. It was there only for a moment and I would have missed it if I hadn’t been staring in his eyes. We both stood gazing at each other for a little bit. Of course, he was taller than me by several inches. Before I could start daydreaming about him…

He gave me a sexy, cocky smile and then said. “I beg your pardon. As an apology, please allow me to give you a private tour of the outdoor gardens, where you can view more fountains.”



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About Brey King

BREY KING – My life as a passionate writer has been hanging around for a while. However, in 2015, I took the leap and self-publishing my first book. I’m so glad that I did because the characters from my books have come to life for me and my readers.

Key to my writing technique is being open to where my characters lead me when I create my ideal writing environment. I love to build in humor that actually makes you laugh out loud along with a little bit of drama spice. The funnier and dramatic I can make my characters, the better for my books.

My hope is that you will check out my books as they become available and then support me by leaving a review. Your feedback and comments are important to me!

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