Review by Rachel! Fate of Dragons by Bella Andrews

What Fate has joined together, let no magic put asunder.

Few know of the wildwood magic flowing in Sienna Steven’s veins, and since no one but a dragon could ever recognize her true nature, her secret’s safe.

Until handsome, brooding Wade Harris arrives on her doorstep with a strange illness that changes everything.

They’d been childhood sweethearts, drawn to each other inexplicably, understanding each other without words. When Wade’s family left the mountains, Sienna felt a part of her had gone with him. Now that he’s back, that old familiar pull is too, with a vengeance.

Even delirious, Wade is sure he is hearing Sienna’s thoughts. And when she hears his and speaks to his mind, the truth he’d always known can’t be denied. She’s his mage, and he is destined to be her dragon lord. If he lives… and if they can stop the severing magic of an enemy mage before the Eastern Gateway is lost to a dark power that will destroy them all.

Fans of Ilona Andrews and K. F. Breene will get swept up in the magical adventure and romance in FATE OF DRAGONS.

The Guardians Series— For centuries, Dragon shifters have guarded ancient gateways across the world, awaiting a millennia-old prophecy— that one day a mortal Guardian, fated to be the mate of a Dragon Lord, would rule as Spirit Dragon.

This first in series from @Bella Andrews was an incredibly visionary tale of love, lore and adventure. I have never been so fully immersed in a book in recent memory. The author did an amazing job of portraying the unbreakable love between Wade and Sienna but the adventure told was the best part for me! There was a point where I realized I had been holding my breath for almost two pages! This story is so beautifully told and the imagery she uses makes you feel every emotion the characters do. You can tell that the author put so much thought into everything from the setting, to the herbs and spells used all the way to the lore and backstory of every character that it was impossible to put down. I would say this is the best paranormal romance I’ve ever read and I’m waiting not so patiently at the edge of my seat for the next book in the series! I recommend this book with 5 stars undoubtedly, grab it now, you will not be disappointed!


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