New Release & Giveaway! Dirty Little Secrets by K.L. Ramsey – Includes an Excerpt!

Mila Gallo had been running from a life she was trying to forget. When her father dies, her journey leads her home to Chicago where she must face her family’s mafia connections and the man who so easily tossed her aside. Seeing Maxen Fontana again isn’t part of the plan and neither is falling for her sexy as sin boss, Gabrielle Leone. But, you know what they say about best-laid plans, right?

Gabe Leone was just looking for a nanny for his two kids but when sexy Mila Gallo stumbled into his life, his needs changed. As Police Commissioner, falling for a woman with the last name Gallo wasn’t his brightest idea but then again, neither was jumping into bed with Max Fontana. Being in the public eye had its challenges and when the media attacks the two people he wants most, all bets are off. 

Max Fontana had been in love with Mila Gallo since she was just a kid, but he fucked everything up by keeping his secret. He pushed her away and she vowed to never let him touch her again. He lied to himself, believing that Gabe Leone was enough for him, but he wasn’t. Max was falling for both Gabe and Mila and he was used to getting what he wanted—at any cost. 

Dirty Little Secrets is the third book of The Ties That Bind Series by K.L. Ramsey.


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About the Book

Dirty Little Secrets
by K.L. Ramsey

Ties That Bind

Adult Erotic Romance
Menage Romance
Dark Mafia


Publication Date
January 23, 2020

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“I want to kiss you, Mila.” He said it as more of a warning than asking her permission. He wouldn’t be able to stop himself unless she told him that she didn’t want the same thing. Mila sighed, “You sound like you want me to tell you not to,” she said. “I do,” he admitted. “Tell me this is a bad idea,” he demanded. “Tell me that you are my kids’ nanny and that I’ll only fuck things up by taking what I want from you, Mila.” Gabe noticed the way her eyes suddenly flared and she shyly smiled at him. “What do you want to take from me, Gabe?” she breathlessly asked. “Everything,” he admitted. Gabe leaned forward and crushed his mouth against hers, loving the way she sighed and snuggled into his body. He wrapped Mila in his arms, deepening the kiss, finally taking everything he wanted from her. She felt right and that scared him. Mila wasn’t supposed to feel this way, not for him but there was no denying it— he wanted Mila, all of her. Gabe didn’t notice that they had pulled up to the restaurant or that Maxen was waiting on the curb to get their door but he was. Max pulled the door open startling them both. “What the fuck, Gabe?” Max growled. He quickly released Mila and she turned to face Max and the hurt and betrayal on his gorgeous face was almost too much for Gabe to handle. “Mila?” Max questioned. “Oh God,” Gabe breathed. “You two know each other?” “Mila and I used to date,” Max shouted. “Date?” Mila asked. “I think we were more than just two people who dated. You did ask me to marry you.” Gabe was starting to feel a little lost. How did he go from kissing Mila in the back seat of his SUV to her and Max being engaged? “Wait— you two not only know each other but you’re engaged?” Gabe asked. “No,” Mila and Max said in unison. “Mila and I broke up three years ago,” Max admitted. “We were just kids when I asked her to marry me.” “Well, I was a kid— you were an adult, if I remember correctly,” Mila said. “Jesus,” Gabe scoffed. “Can someone please tell me what the fuck is going on here?” He got out of the car and helped Mila out. “I think I can piece this together for you, babe,” Max spat at Gabe. “You were cheating on me with my ex-girlfriend. So much for promising to be in an exclusive relationship, right?” Gabe felt like an ass because of course, Max was right. He had broken his promise to him and he had no one to blame but himself. “I’m so sorry, Max. I didn’t plan on kissing Mila but I won’t deny having feelings for her too,” Gabe defended. Mila stood between the two of them she looked as if she was watching a tennis match, her head bobbing back and forth between the two of them, trying to follow their conversation. “Okay, now I’m lost. Would someone please explain this all to me?”



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About the Author

Romance Rebel fighting for Happily Ever After!

K.L. RAMSEY currently resides in West Virginia (Go Mountaineers!). In her spare time, she likes to read romance novels, go to WVU football games and attend book club (aka-drink wine) with girlfriends.

K.L. enjoys writing Contemporary Romance, Erotic Romance, and Sexy Ménage! She loves to write strong, capable women and bossy, hot as hell alphas, who fall ass over tea kettle for them. And of course, her stories always have a happy ending.

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