New Release & Giveaway! Tank by BE Kelly – Includes an Excerpt!

As president of my MC, I thought I was prepared for anything. Lyra and her kid proved me wrong at every turn.

She’s a seer, someone who could tell me my future, but I already know what it will be. I’m destined to be alone, or at least I thought I was until she stumbled into my bar during a freak storm, needing my help.

How could I say no to the only woman I’ve wanted in what feels like a lifetime?

Her gifts are her burden and now, she and her daughter are being hunted for their special abilities.

My plan?

To stay one step ahead of the assholes following her and come out of this thing with my heart in one piece.

I have a feeling that’s going to be easier said than done with my beautiful seer.


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About the Book

by BE Kelly

Reckoning MC Seer

Paranormal Romance


Publication Date
February 26, 2020

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A Reckoning MC Seer Novel
© 2020 BE Kelly


Three Months Earlier


Tank Harrison knew he was being an asshole, banging on Beth’s sister’s door at midnight like a fucking lunatic, but he had to know that she was alright. Reaper called to tell him that Beth had been taken by his business partner, Anthony Sr., and he was worried that Lyra and her daughter, Delilah were next on the list. Reaper’s partner had heard about Beth’s special abilities as a seer, and whoever the mole was in his club was going to pay for betraying them. This news left no doubt in his mind that they had a spy in his Reckoning MC club. As president of the club, he had no choice but to find whoever it was that squealed to Reaper’s partner and make them regret they were ever born. He had been looking for an excuse to pound the shit out of someone and now he had it. Tank just hated that it might be someone he considered a friend—that part was going to suck.

He raised his hand to pound on the door again just as it swung open to reveal one very pissed off woman. “What,” she barked. Tank wanted to laugh at her tone but he was beginning to know better than to mess with Beth’s little sister. Lyra Sibyl wasn’t a fan of his and that was just fine by him. It was easier to keep his hands off the sexy, curvy blonde from a distance. 

“Something’s happened and I wanted to let you know that I have to head back into the bar,” Tank said. He didn’t want to be the one to deliver the news that her sister had been taken, but judging by the way Lyra looked him over, she wasn’t going to let him just walk away and not ask questions.

“What happened?” she asked, as if on cue. 

Tank sighed, “As a seer, aren’t you already in the know?” He knew he was being an ass and God, he was beginning to like being able to push the woman’s buttons. Watching her get all flustered and even pissed off made him hot. 

“You know good and well that my powers don’t work like that, Tank,” Lyra accused. He did too. From the few short days they had been thrown together, he had come to know her pretty well. Things seemed to be going great between the two of them until he crossed the line and kissed her. That was when she put her cute, toe-polished foot down and told him to get the fuck out of her house and her life. The problem was, he couldn’t just up and leave her. Delilah had been at her dad’s house, and he couldn’t help himself. He went from being Lyra’s protector and even her friend to someone she couldn’t stand to look in the eyes anymore and that just about gutted him. 

“I think you should let Reaper call and tell you what’s going on, Lyra,” Tank all but whispered. Lyra stepped from her house and stood toe-to-toe with him on her front porch and all he wanted to do was haul her against his body and kiss her again, but the memory of just how badly that ended the first time stopped him dead in his tracks. He had misread the situation and that wouldn’t happen again.

Lyra leaned into his big body and stared him down. “How about you tell me what’s going on here, Tank,” she ordered. Her small frame was dwarfed by his own and hearing her bark out orders was almost comical.

Tank cleared his throat, “They took Beth,” he said. “I’m so sorry, Honey.”

“What?” Lyra asked. “Who took my sister?”

“Reaper’s boss, Anthony Sr.,” Tank said. 

“The one I’ve been seeing with Sophie?” Tank had listened to Lyra talk about how she was dreaming about Reaper’s younger sister and some older man who wanted to hurt her. He hated the way her voice cracked when she got to the point in the story where he held a gun to Sophie’s head. He could almost see the scene and that was crazy because as far as any of them knew, Sophie was alive and well with Ringer, hiding out from Reaper’s business partner. Still, he didn’t envy Lyra’s gift, if that was what he’d call it. Being able to see something that might happen to someone or something horrible that had already occurred, seemed more like a fucking curse to him. 

“Yes,” he confirmed. “The same guy you’ve been seeing in your dreams hurting Sophie.”

“Oh God,” Lyra sobbed. Tank didn’t stop himself this time. He pulled her into his arms and wrapped his big body around hers. 

“It’s going to be alright, Honey,” he promised, even though he had no way of knowing if that was true or not. “I need to get back to help Reaper come up with a plan to find Beth. I’m leaving you in good hands though.” The thought of anyone else watching Lyra made him want to rethink his whole plan to leave and go back to Reckoning. He hated leaving her but Tank had no other choice. Reaper needed him and that was enough for him. 

“Please, don’t leave me,” Lyra begged. 

“I’ll be back as soon as possible, Honey,” he promised. “But I have to do this. Reaper is like a brother to me and he’s going out of his mind worrying about Beth. I can’t just leave him—not now.” Lyra pulled her arms from around him and took a step back. Watching her withdraw again reminded him of the night that they shared their scorching kiss. The same night she kicked him out and told him to leave her the fuck alone. Tank worried that he was misreading Lyra again but damnit, the woman was sending him a jumbled mess of signals. 

“Help me out here, Honey,” he said. “I’m not sure what you want from me. One minute you’re letting me touch you and even give you comfort and the next you act as if you hate me. Which is it?”

Lyra looked Tank up and down and shook her head. “I don’t hate you, Tank,” she admitted. “I’m sorry,” she said. “Everything is just so jumbled up—I can’t think straight. Go and help find my sister. I’ll be fine.” 

He watched as Lyra turned and walked back into her house and shut the door behind her. Tank stood there, listening for Lyra to turn the deadbolt, not willing to take any chances with her. As soon as she did, he let himself breathe, not realizing he was holding his breath at all. That’s the way he felt around Lyra—like he was holding his damn breath, waiting for her to give him a chance or kick him to the curb. Tank just wasn’t sure which one he was hoping would happen because the last thing he needed was to get tangled up with the sexy blonde who was turning his world upside down. 


Tank was woken up by the banging on the bar’s front door and the dream he was having about sexy, little Lyra Sibyl all but disappeared from his head. He stumbled around his darkroom and found his jeans, pulling them up over his erection, carefully zipping them up and tugged on a t-shirt. 

“This better be fucking good,” he grumbled, finding his way down the stairs to the front entrance of his bar. “Like someone’s dead or dying good,” he added. Tank unlocked the deadbolt and threw the door open to find the woman he had just been dreaming about, shaking from what he assumed to be the cold blustery wind that whipped its way into the bar. 

“Fuck, Lyra,” he growled and pulled her into his body. “You have to be freezing out there. What the hell are you doing out in this storm anyway?” Tank knew that most of the roads in town had to be closed and the national weather service was calling this storm the worst one of the century. Honestly, he didn’t see what all the fuss was about, but this was New Orleans and even the few inches that were expected were enough to cripple the city. Growing up in Michigan, Tank knew firsthand what a real snowstorm looked like and he had to admit, he missed the snow up there. But, down here, in NOLA, he had his MC family and they were enough to keep him grounded to the area—well, his club and his bar. 

“I—I think I need help,” she stuttered. Tank tightened his arms around her waist, sharing his body heat with her. She was wearing a thin sweater and jeans and he knew she had to be cold to the bone. 

“Tell me what’s going on, Honey,” he said. Tank knew he had no right to call her that or any other terms of affection. He saw the damn hope in her eyes after he kissed her a month ago. He was supposed to be keeping her safe; watching over her and her daughter, Delilah, but instead, he had pushed her down onto her sofa and devoured her mouth like a starving man. When it came to Lyra, he found that he had no control and nothing standing in his way but himself. He could tell she wanted him just from the way she responded to that scorching kiss, but he wasn’t good for her. Hell, he wasn’t good for any woman and he needed to remember that. When he tried to explain that he’d made a mistake in kissing her, she got pissed off and told him to get the fuck out of her house. Lyra had been giving him the cold shoulder ever since, but tonight—he saw the same woman who let him kiss her.

“I dropped Lil off at her dad’s house for the week and when I got home, the front door was wide open and it looked like someone had kicked it in. I peeked into my house and everything was in shambles, so I got back in my car and came here. I didn’t know who else to turn to. Elizabeth and Reaper are finally taking their honeymoon and I couldn’t call them. My sister deserves some happiness after all the shit she’s been through,” Lyra sobbed and God, it tore him apart to hear her so upset. He knew they still had a mole in the club and he worried that not rooting him out when the trouble started with Reaper was a mistake. He hated that leaving that trouble unchecked might add up to Lyra or Lil being hurt. 

“Baby,” he soothed, stroking his big hand up and down her back. She was so tiny compared to him but then again, most everyone was. He knew that people liked to compare him to a hulk; it’s even how he got his nickname—Tank. Well, his size and his time in the Army driving tanks. At six-seven, he was usually the biggest guy in the room. He stroked his hand down her long hair. Lyra had it pulled up in a sleek ponytail, but a few strands had escaped and he gently pushed them back from her beautiful face. She looked up at him and damn it if he didn’t see that same fucking hope again, shining back at him in her soulful hazel eyes. He knew he was playing with fire, but he just didn’t give a fuck anymore.

Tank had spent the last few months dreaming of Lyra and night after night, he’d wake up hard as a rock with no way to ease his suffering. Sure, he could pick up one of the biker chicks that hung out at his bar, hoping to find a biker of their own. But, that would mean having to settle for a woman who wasn’t Lyra and he didn’t like trolling for second best. He wanted her and from the way she was leaning into his big body, watching him, she wanted him too. 

He leaned down, towering over her and he could hear her breath hitch. Lyra’s heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest and he had his green light. Tank just needed to stop being a fucking coward and step on the gas.

“Lyra,” he said, more as a plea than a warning. “I’m going to kiss you.” She nodded and closed her eyes and that was about all Tank could handle. His self-imposed restraints were off and he was going to taste her again. 

At first, he was unsure of himself and that was so unlike him. He gently brushed his lips over hers and she wrapped her arms around his neck. He knew that holding back with Lyra wouldn’t work. She would demand everything from him—he learned that about her from their time together a few months back. He was going to give her what she wanted this time though and to hell with the consequences. He was finally going to have what he wanted and Tank wanted Lyra Sibyl. 


Lyra wasn’t sure why she had driven all the way to Tank’s bar, Reckoning, but she had. There was no turning back either since she had barely made it in one piece to his place. Due to the slick road conditions, she had ended up in a ditch twice, but she wouldn’t tell Tank that. He was so protective of her and the last thing she wanted from him tonight was a fight. In fact, she wanted the exact opposite from the sexy, tattooed, giant and from the way he was kissing her, he was completely on board with her plans for the evening. 

When she got back to her house, after dropping Lil off at Zane’s house, she knew something was up before she even got to her front door. Her whole body tingled as if in warning and she knew that leaving was her best bet at staying safe. Dealing with unsafe driving conditions was better than facing what possibly still waited for her in her home. She was just thankful she didn’t have Lil with her because she wouldn’t want her daughter to be afraid in her own house. 

Turning to Tank for help felt natural after the few weeks they had spent together when he was tasked with keeping her and Lil safe during the scare with her sister’s abduction. God, that was such an awful time, but she had Tank by her side and knew that he would never let anyone touch her or Delilah. When it was over and Beth came home safely, Tank took off and she didn’t see him for months. He left her with the memory of that fiery kiss they shared and that was it—no calls or texts, nothing. She’d ask Beth and Reaper about how Tank was doing, but they never gave her a straight answer and she was beginning to wonder if she had made the whole kiss up in her overly active imagination. Hell, maybe she had made Tank up because the only place she saw him was in her dreams. Night after night, he appeared and was so gentle and loving that every morning she woke up feeling completely broken-hearted that it was all just a dream. But she at least had her dreams of Tank and for a while, she thought that was enough for her. Lil kept her busy and she had her work at the doctor’s office as a medical technician. She had a good life and really couldn’t complain, except for the fact that it was completely boring. 

Tank broke their kiss, leaving her panting and needy and he smiled down at her. Lyra worried that he was going to push her away again, but he didn’t instead he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her into his big body. Lyra felt safe and content for the first time in months. Being held by Tank felt like coming home and she wasn’t sure she’d ever survive him pushing her out of his life again. 

“Tank—I,” she started. He covered her mouth with his big hand, effectively stopping her next words. 

“No, Lyra. No promises or excuses this time. First, I’m going to call some of my brothers and have them check out your place. They’ll find out what happened and who ransacked your house. Then, I’m going to have someone watch Lil. I know she’s with Zane but I want to make sure she’s safe. Your ex will never know that my guy is watching them.” She nodded her agreement, his hand still covering her mouth. Lyra took his hand into hers and gently kissed his palm. He stilled, watching her and she wondered if he was finished talking. 

“Thank you, Tank,” she whispered. 

“Don’t thank me yet, Little One,” he stuttered. She liked how in control Tank always seemed to be. He was so confident and capable—probably why he was the president of his MC. But, Lyra also liked the fact that she had the power to bring the big guy to stutter. He made her feel that way—powerful. 

“As soon as I call in favors to get everyone to help, I’m going to take you up to my room and spend the rest of the night doing exactly what I’ve been dreaming of doing to you, Lyra,” he said. 

“What have you been dreaming of doing to me, Tank?” Lyra whispered. She thought back to her last dream about him; the way he took her body and commanded her every need to meet his own. She was completely his and Lyra wondered if it would be the same way between the two of them in real life. 

“Everything,” he growled, causing her to shiver. Tank mistook her shaking for her being cold but the temperature had nothing to do with it. She was already a quivering mess of need from being denied what she wanted.  But now, Tank was there—standing right in front of her and if Lyra had her way this time she wouldn’t let him getaway. This time, she’d stand up and demand he let her in because she was done with hiding like a scared little girl from him and everything else she so desperately wanted in life. 


Lyra sat in Tank’s apartment just above the bar and wondered if she was making a big mistake by running to him. Sure, he seemed like he cared and when he was protecting her and Lil during the scare with her sister, she felt as if he really wanted to keep them safe. When he pushed her down onto her sofa and kissed her like he was a starving man and she was his last meal, she allowed herself to hope they could be more. But, the fairy tale life that her sister had found wasn’t going to happen for her. Lyra wasn’t going to find a sexy biker and literally ride off into the sunset with him. 

Tank had made that very clear to her when he ended their first kiss. The regret she saw in his blue eyes was nearly her undoing. She was a fool to believe he would want more with someone like her. Tank Harrison wasn’t the type of man who would fall for a frumpy, single mother—not when he had biker groupies throwing themselves at him every night. Beth had told her what the club was like and the way the girls flocked there just to try to get up close and personal with a biker. Given that Tank was the president of his club, women did just about anything they could think of to get him to take notice of them. Tank could have his pick of just about any woman in town—why would he waste his time on her?

He made a few phone calls to some of his guys and asked them to go over to her place to check things out. She hated that she was causing them any trouble. With the slick road conditions, the last thing she wanted was to ask anyone to drive anywhere on her behalf. He ended his second call and tossed his cell phone onto the kitchen table. 

“I feel awful that I’m causing all this trouble for your club again. It seems that I can’t find a way out of trouble without dragging you and your guys into it with me,” Lyra said. She nervously giggled, her go-too whenever she was worried or in this case, completely out of her element. She wondered why Tank hadn’t told her to get lost yet, but she wasn’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth. 

“You aren’t causing trouble, Lyra,” he growled. “Your place was broken into and I’m betting you didn’t do it.” 

She shook her head, “No, of course not.”

“So, you’re not the one causing trouble then. You’re just asking for help and I don’t mind giving it. I called in a couple of favors—not a big deal.” Tank pulled her body across the sofa so she was practically sitting on his lap. He was so big; she was always in awe of just how gentle he was with her. 

“Thank you,” she stuttered. 

“You never have to thank me, Honey,” Tank said. “You’re sister is married to my best friend. We’re practically family now.” Lyra felt as though her heart sank at the mention of them being family. The very last way she wanted Tank to think of her was like a sister. 

“Is that really how you see me, Tank?” she whispered. Lyra wrapped her arms around his neck, not wanting to let him hide from her. She needed answers and it was about time she got them. 

Tank’s blue eyes felt as though they might be able to see straight through her and Lyra shivered again. She seemed to do that a lot around him. “No,” Tank admitted. “I don’t see you that way, Honey. In fact, I think it’s better for me not to think of you and Beth being related at all.”

“And why is that?” Lyra questioned. 

“Because I want you so fucking much that if Reaper or Beth knew what I wanted to do with you, they’d both have my balls.” Now they were finally getting somewhere. Lyra had waited a damn long time for Tank to come clean and tell her the way he felt about her. Ever since their kiss that night at her house, when he seemed to regret letting her into his world. Tank was quick to try to cover up his regret, but she saw it in his eyes, staring back at her and she panicked. Lyra had one failed marriage and was raising her six-year-old daughter on her own. The last thing she needed was to be with a man who regretted kissing her. She wanted more; deserved more and settling wasn’t something she was willing to do. 

“Then why did you look so upset that night?” she asked. Lyra wasn’t sure if Tank was going to give her an answer. 

“You mean the night I acted like a complete fucking animal and pushed you down onto your sofa to kiss you?” Tank asked. Lyra smiled at the memory of just how hot that kiss was. It felt like a physical touch all over her body and left her wanting more.

“Yeah—that night,” she said. 

“Well, if I recall correctly, you were the one who told me to get the fuck out of your house,” Tank said. Lyra giggled. She had told him that and after he left, she regretted saying those words to him. But, she wouldn’t let him regret something she was on board for. Hell, she was more than just onboard for whatever Tank wanted to do to her, but she wasn’t ready to admit that to him. 

Tank shot her a look like he found the whole thing a lot less funny than she did. “Sorry,” she said. “I did tell you to get out of my house. But, what choice did I have? You regretted that kiss as soon as it happened.” 

“How did you know that?” Tank asked. “I didn’t say anything.”

“You didn’t have to,” Lyra said. “I could see it in your eyes when you looked at me. I couldn’t take it, so I told you to leave. I won’t be anyone’s regret,” she said. “If you aren’t sure about me—about us, then tell me now, Tank,” she insisted. 

“I’m sure,” he promised. “I tried to convince myself that you were a bad idea, but I’m done lying to both of us, Honey. I want you, Lyra,” he said. He winced, “I believe this is where you tell me to get the fuck out, Honey,” he teased, but Lyra could hear the insecurity in his gruff voice. It was almost as if he was pleading with her to do just that. What Tank didn’t know was that she wanted him just as much as he seemed to want her.

“Um, this is your place,” she reminded. 

“Sure,” Tank said. “But, if you don’t want this, now is the time to speak up. Once I make you mine, Lyra there’s no turning back. I need for you to understand that.” 

“I do,” she agreed. “I want to be yours, Tank.”

“Thank fuck,” he growled. He pulled Lyra against his big body and she felt safe for the first time in months. Every time Tank touched her or even looked at her, for that matter, her crazy world felt right. The first time she ever saw him, Tank scared the crap out of her. Beth and Reaper had sent him over to guard her and Lil and finding the giant man on her porch was quite a surprise. When Tank talked to her, with his sinfully gruff voice, Lyra wasn’t sure what to make of the big guy. He looked so menacing, but his tone told her that she’d never had any reason to be afraid of him. His piercing blue eyes seemed to be able to see directly into her soul. Lyra had never been around a man who made her feel things with just one look or word. Not even with her ex—Zane. He was Delilah’s dad and Lyra’s high school sweetheart and she’d love him for being both of those things, but they weren’t right together. Being with Tank just felt right—even if all they had done was kiss and well, fight. 

Tank deepened their kiss, rolling her under his big body and she could feel every hard inch of him pressing against her overheated body. “Tank,” she whispered. “I need you,” she pleaded. He did that to her—made her desperate for more to the point of begging him for what she needed. In her nightly dreams, it was always the same way. She’d beg him for everything and he’d give her what she needed and so much more. Lyra knew that he’d do the same for her now.

“I know, Honey,” he said. “I’ll take good care of you but I don’t want to rush through this, Lyra. I want to take my time with you.” Tank ground his erection against her and she gasped. 

“All—alright,” she stuttered against his lips as he nipped and licked his way back into her mouth. Tank pulled her shirt up over her head and looked her over, hissing out his breath when he realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. Tank’s big hand covered her breast and he moaned and thrust his jean-clad cock against her leg again. Tank was so big; Lyra was starting to worry that he was that way all over. She had only ever been with one other man—Zane and the thought crossed her mind that she and Tank wouldn’t fit.

“Hey,” he whispered. “Where did you just go, Baby?” he asked. 

“I was just wondering something,” she admitted. The thought of saying the words out loud made her want to run and hide, but the way Tank watched her, she knew he wouldn’t allow that. 

“Since I’m not a seer, you are going to have to spell it out for me, Honey,” Tank teased. Lyra loved the way he just accepted her abilities without question. Of course, meeting her sister, Beth probably broke the ice for him. Her sister didn’t hide the fact that she had a “gift” as she liked to call it. Beth told everyone who she was and wasn’t ashamed of what she could do. Lyra wished she had her sister’s guts, but she was constantly hiding her abilities, even shoving them to the side and pretending they didn’t exist. The problem was they had a way of sneaking back to the forefront and reminding her with a vengeance who she was and what she was capable of. 

“Um—well, you’re big,” she began, suddenly feeling very shy and self-conscious of the fact that she was half-naked. Lyra tried to cover herself with her hand. 

“No,” Tank growled. “You don’t hide from me, Lyra. I won’t allow that.” She nodded and decided he was right—they were past the point of hiding. It was time for her to be brave and take what she wanted. Lyra ran her hands down his body and cupped his cock with both her palms, gently stroking him through his pants. 

“What I was wondering is if you are big all over?” she brazenly asked. Tank moaned and thrust into her hands as if he loved what she was doing to him but needed more. 

“Yes,” he hissed. “I’m big all over. And, as for you worrying—don’t. We’ll fit, Lyra,” he promised. 

“How do you know?” she asked, not taking her hands from his erection. 

“I’ve been dreaming about you for months now. I can’t get you out of my mind, Baby. I’ve seen us together so many times now, we just have to fit. I can’t accept any other outcome.” Tank watched her as if waiting for her to agree, but she still had her doubts. 

“Can—can I see you?” she asked. “Geeze, why is this so hard to talk about?” she murmured, more to herself than to Tank. 

“Well, I generally don’t discuss my dick size with just anyone, Baby,” he teased. “And, yes,” he said. “I want for you to see me, Lyra. I want to see you too—all of you.” Tank stood from the sofa and she immediately missed his heat and big body covering her own. He shucked out of his jeans and tugged his t-shirt over his head, to stand completely bare in front of her.  Lyra didn’t hide her gasp as she looked him over, or her moan when she saw the size of his impressive erection. 

“That is not going to fit inside of me,” she said, suspiciously eyeing his cock. Tank chuckled and stroked himself like he was enjoying putting on a show for her. 

“Well, we’ll never know unless we try, Baby,” he teased. “Tell me you still want to try, Lyra,” he ordered. 

“I do,” she agreed. Tank stood over her again and this time she could tell there would be no stopping him. He reached down and pulled her leggings off, taking her lacy panties with them, leaving her completely naked on his sofa. 

“Mmm,” he moaned. “I’m going to see if you taste as good as you look and then I’m going to show you just how well we will fit together Honey,” he promised. Lyra suddenly felt as though she lost the ability to speak. No man had ever talked to her like that and she had to admit, she was starting to see the appeal of dirty talk during sex. 

“Yes,” she hissed. Tank settled between her legs, kneeling in front of her and pulled her thighs over his massive shoulders until she was practically seated on his face. 

“You smell so fucking good, Honey,” he growled. Tank ran two fingers through her already drenched folds and she nearly bucked off the sofa. “Hold still, Little One,” he commanded. Tank grabbed handfuls of her fleshy ass and lowered his mouth to lick his way into her pussy. He devoured her like he was a starving man and by the time he finished with her, Lyra wasn’t sure if she’d ever come back down to earth. He licked and sucked her sensitive nub, pumping his big fingers in and out of her core until she came on his mouth, shouting out his name. 

When she thought she couldn’t take any more pleasure, he pulled her body down to his lap until he was perfectly lined up with her core and pumped his cock into her pussy, inching his way into her body. Lyra had never felt so full or so loved in her life. Every touch, kiss, and look felt like a personal assault to her heart. She needed to remember that Tank wasn’t promising her forever. Honestly, Lyra wasn’t sure what he was promising her.

“Hey,” he whispered, framing her face with his big hands. “You alright?” Lyra smiled at him and nodded. 

“I’m good, I promise,” she lied. 

“I’m not hurting you, right?” he asked. How did she answer his question? He wasn’t physically hurting her, but she wasn’t sure if what she was feeling, emotionally, didn’t count. 

“I’m good, Tank,” she lied again. From the way he looked at her, Lyra wasn’t going to get away with anything. 

“Lyra,” he warned. “Just talk to me,” Tank ordered. He stilled inside of her and she knew she was effectively trapped. She tried to move, but Tank wasn’t going to allow it, holding her down, and trapping her against his body. 

“Fine,” she spat. “I’m wondering what’s going on between us, Tank.” 

He chuckled and her girl parts tingled from the sensation of his cock twitching inside of her. “You sure do a lot of wondering, Baby. I’m pretty sure we’re having sex—or at least we were,” he said. Lyra ran her hands over his massive, chiseled chest and let them rest between their two bodies. 

“I know that part,” she said. “I’m just thinking about all the other parts of whatever this is,” she admitted. 

“Ah—you want to know what we are going to label this ‘thing’ that is happening between the two of us?” Tank asked. Sometimes he liked to throw her off her game and now was one of those times. Lyra often forgot that Tank wasn’t just the big, bad biker he looked to be. He was a cunning businessman and from the little bit she had overheard Reaper and Beth talking about him, he was ex-military. 

“Yes,” she said. 

“Well, if we are going to give this a name—how about we call it a relationship?” Tank ran his hands up her body, cupping her breasts in each of his palms. He really wasn’t playing fair and the way he was touching her, she’d agree to call this thing between them whatever he wanted, as long as they could get back to the sex part. 

“But, we hardly know each other,” she protested. “How can we call this a relationship when I don’t even know your real name? I’m assuming it’s not Tank.”

He smiled at her, gently kissing her mouth. “It’s Jonathan,” he admitted. “Jonathan Harrison. I got the nickname ‘Tank’ while I was in the Army. We have time for all of this, Baby.” He was right—now wasn’t the time to try to figure out what to call what was happening between them or to find out his first name. Tank thrust deeper inside of her as if driving home his point. Lyra gasped and moaned at the reminder of the two of them being joined in the most intimate way possible. 

“Point made,” she whispered. 

“Good because I’m not done showing you just how well we fit, Baby,” Tank said. Lyra had a feeling that fitting together wasn’t going to be the problem for her. Not losing her heart to the hulk of a man underneath her was going to be her challenge and one she wasn’t sure she’d be able to overcome.


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