Sea of Seduction
By Jennifer Evans


Sea of Seduction: A Single Dad Sports Romance

She bet on passion. He’ll wager it all for a big wave. Will love ever be in the cards?

Dominick Cortes is determined to start over. After getting kicked off the pro surfing circuit, opening a psychic business may be his best shot at a stable home. After all, it’s what his twelve-year-old daughter deserves…

When gorgeous local businesswoman Coco Bennett stops in for a tarot reading, their attraction is otherworldly. Even Dominick’s daughter takes notice and decides to play matchmaker. But Coco needs no persuading. She has a bet going that she can bed the hunky surfer before the final tarot cards are drawn on their fifth appointment…

As the sure bet begins to unravel, Dominick and Coco discover that love is as unpredictable as a rushing wave. To make their relationship survive, they’ll have to ride out the storm… together.

Sea of Seduction is a sun-drenched surfer romance in the Pleasure Point series. If you like red-hot sex scenes, tumultuous wipeouts, and clairvoyant connections, then you’ll love Jennifer Evans’ steamy surfing tale.

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Sea of Seduction is a full-length Romance with an HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger!
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Snippet #1:

As we walked to his truck, I was hyperaware of Dominick’s masculinity. I glanced surreptitiously at his bare torso; it was golden from hours in the sun and he had the sexiest, rock-hard, six-pack abs. His broad chest rippled under the morning sun, the muscles taut and rugged. His narrow waist led down to a perfect V that disappeared underneath his wetsuit. I sucked in my breath.
When we reached the parking lot, Dominick shoved his board into the bed of the truck.
Five surfboards sat in the back of his rig. “You sure you’ve got enough surfboards?”
He ran masculine fingers along one of the boards. “This is my longboard for the smaller stuff.” His hand stroked another. “This is for fast waves.” He broke into a huge grin when his hand ran the length of a third. “And this baby is my big wave gun.”
I stared at the long, pointy red surfboard. “Big waves? You mean like the one in the photo on your wall?”
He threw his head back, and a cascade of seawater flew through the air. “Nah. That was at a sexy reef in Tahiti.” He gazed at me with those intoxicating green eyes and grinned. “I think of that place as sexy.” He winked. “This baby is meant for the big stuff.”

Snippet #2

Dominick slowly raised my hands to his lips and kissed them. His passionate gaze wouldn’t leave mine as his mouth made a leisurely journey of each finger kissing each one in turn. Heat crept up my neck, spread to my face and chills pricked my scalp. His mouth was hot, wet and arousing. It moved to the sensitive skin on the top of my hand where he kissed longingly, his mouth lingering, his full lips parted, his hot breath warming my skin. His voice was a murmur. “You’re beautiful.”
Holy moly, Dominick was kissing my hand. This certainly was a turn of events. Here I’d been the one putting on the heavy flirtation, and now that the tables had turned, I didn’t know what to make of it. Dominick had started out as a mark, and now I was ashamed.
God, I wanted him. I wanted him as a friend, a lover, a husband. I forced all thoughts of Rhys and the wager out of my brain. My body slightly tensed and I forced myself to relax.
Dominick liked me, he did. My heart skipped in a happy dance. I gazed into his hypnotic green eyes wanting to lean over and kiss his full lips.

Snippet #3

We stared at each other. The sun was just getting ready to set, the stars already aglow in the expanse of the sky above. The ocean waves crashed on the shore below, and I suddenly became aware of Dominick’s breath, slow and steady, in and out, his muscular chest heaving. The look in his eyes was raw, needy and hotter than hell.
He reached down and stroked my face with his slightly calloused hand. “You’re so beautiful.” Then, he reached around and placed his hand firmly on the back of my neck and pulled me up hard into his kiss.
I sank into his strong arms, as my knees buckled, my legs wobbly. His hand on the back of my neck became less of a grip and more of a gentle caress, his thumb moving slowly across the sensitive skin of my neck. I reached up and ran my hands through his tangle of dark hair, my fingers curling into his locks, pulling his mouth toward mine. He tasted delicious, like seawater. He pulled gently on my hair, his hand tightening on the back of my head.
I pressed my breasts into his chest and felt the thrumming of his heart. My juices dripped against my panties as his hands roamed down my back and he cupped my ass roughly. He broke our kiss and whispered in my ear. “Do you know how long I’ve wanted to feel your sexy ass? How long I’ve wanted to kiss you?”

Author Bio:
Jennifer loves writing about chiseled surfers with rock hard bodies that will have you begging for more.

One more thing about her. Yes, she does surf!

She has a blast writing stories from Laguna Beach where she lives with her husband and their kitty, Snow White. She loves surfing, hiking, hot yoga and a great cup of coffee.

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